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Sunday, December 11, 2016

DIY Bling Bathroom Mirror

Hello Peeps, vintage finds at a thrift store. Their  the best. I still need to paint around the fixture but couldn't wait to show how great it looks. + I also bought a mirror that I had planned on painting, taking down the current plain mirror that was mounted to the wall.  But, decided to see what I could do with the current mirror.

As you can see the mirror is pretty plain normal bathroom mirror.. 

I purchased some holiday bling ribbon same as in the wedding isle that sat around the house waiting for the right project.  I then hot glued it on the sides of the mirror.  Cutting it down the center for the top and bottom of the mirror.
I then purchased  some different small mirrors six beveled other not beveled.  I started to hot glue them on in a pattern and so this is the result.   I am very happy with the bling style of it and when I change my mind about how the mirror should look it isn't permanent.   Until then my Hollywood mirror.