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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gated Leg Table Artsy to Shabby Wood!

I found this gabled leg table at a yard sale.  It was there among other worn out pieces but, had been doused in four or five different colors of paint.  I loved it from first site even with all the rainbow of drippy paint colors. 
 I was reluctant to ask how much for it as it looked although different beautiful still.  I imagined underneath all that splendor of color that it was once a beautiful show stopper table that was probably Walnut.  I didn't need another table, nor did I have room for another table. This one folded and maybe I could manage a spot for just one more.  I could see that I would love for it to be walnut again.  So I reluctantly asked how much for the table.  "Ten Dollars the man replies.  " Oh my goodness I say, do not say Ten Dollars."  Well their it is, my story of my love of the table.  I brought her home and there she sat for weeks.  After Stripping her with Citrus Stripper for the top.  I decided that  to hand sand the detailed legs was going to be to much for me.  So, I painted her legs, and underbelly white.  I must say although, I thought she was walnut she had a sticker in her drawer that said solid Mahogany.   She is going to fit in with my other decor as soon as her fumes from the stain and poly settle.
Hope you enjoy!  

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