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Friday, May 8, 2015

Gargoyle Fountain

Finding this concrete creation I am calling a Gargoyle Fountain.  The item was purchased at an estate sale in Kodak, TN.  by my daughter. She had it at her Knoxville, TN house laying around un-hung in her yard for years.  She decided to move to Florida so she gave it to me.  Where as I hung it on my garage wall making it a fountain.  When we decided to move to Florida.  I was going to leave it for the new owners but, my daughter decided oh no she would like to have it.  So, on the moving truck it went.  This thing weights a lot!   Once it was at her house it laid around dormant not hung again.   So, once again my daughter decided she would bring it to me.  Now it adorns my wood fence wall no longer a fountain but a plant holder with its Purslane it looks stellar.  Nothing like keeping it in the family.

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