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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sunshine Porch Paver Project

From This Old House.... the correct way to lay Pavers

I guess you realize I do not have a Lanai!  Yep... it's true living in Florida, no pool, no lanai.  It is on the agenda in the future to have a professional company come and make that happen. Well, at least the lanai anyway.  For now, I will be doing this heavy unconventional patio pavers to make an area for sitting and enjoying the outside.   Oh your suppose to lay down sand, then smooth that out and make it level.   Next compact the soil, then lay your pavers. Last step pour on more sand on the top and broom in.

 Did I do it that way?   Well No... does that mean it isn't perfect and level.  Yes, that is what that means for sure.   This is a temporary solution until I can call in the professionals so.
 I smoothed out the ground after removing the grassy area.   (We live in Florida so mostly the ground is sand anyway!  Right?.)  Next, I  laid the pavers and that was that.
I  Put up my pop up topper for some well needed shade.

Yes I know your freezing.  It is February  and the snow is falling this weekend especially in the North East area.   Here in South West Florida it is 80 degrees by noon.   We are blessed in the winter months.  That is why we have so many visitors to our beautiful state. 
Keep those crafts and projects going...


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  1. I need to learn to do that. I'd love to have a paver pad where we park our cars.
    Rick, your latest follower.