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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Spilling the Beans... Acknowledgement!!

Some time ago I wrote about my father which I met when I was about twenty One year old.

Not looking like my family I was always wondering why?  Until I finally got the answer when I was twenty one. 
 Time went by and I found out I had half sister and another brother.  Due to circumstances my dad did not want his family to know. So I waited..
And waited and waited...  Lots of birthdays, two children, three grandchildren have been born.
But the wait is over... As of October 2014 My dad finally told his family.   I got to meet my brother and bitter sweet his age 52.  Mine... a little bit more..You didn't really think I would say my age out loud  did you.. You can add all the numbers I gave and get the age if you need too.   My half sister hasn't come around, I get the sense that, it is probably not going in that direction with her.   But, that is okay!
So Nice to be Acknowledged!!!!  


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  1. Hi Cindy, This is wonderful! I'm so happy that you are now acknowledged! Love the pics~~~My prayers are with you~~~Blessings~~~Roxie