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Friday, October 3, 2014

The Story of this old Farm House

Moving Mom and Dad!  The house is on the market now.  It has been, for some time I would say about four months. 
This old house has so much charm.   If Walls Could Talk!! 
                                                 Come on in! 

I thought I would give you a tour of this brick farm house of my parents. 
Nothing better than a porch swing on a beautiful day
 The house was born in 1940.   Her floors creak a bit now, they talk of many children and people moving, dancing, wiggling, and giggling.. Can you hear it?  Lots of laughter, and happy memories.
The walls have heard so many meaningful conversations over the years... Can you imagine it.  Christmas tree's up, stocking hanging on the mantel.  Crinkling of the wrapping from the packages..
Formal living room

Dinners, coffee time, holidays, friends, family with good conversations.
Bench seat storage windows with built in cabinets on each side.
 The secrets this old house knows. Shh.. Listen to the whisper of  the stair case with its scroll work on the top of the steps swing around to the two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs.  

 upstairs :

I hear a lady named Mrs. Smiley lived here when the house  was new like a shiny copper penny.   We have had other neighbors tell us that a lady used to hold dances in the addition on back of the house at one time.  What joy that must of been.
 My parents made the back room into a laundry room.  
The back area also has a family room not shown in the pictures.
As I go through the rooms  I  reminisce about Holidays, Grand children and Children too. The Christmas dinners, Easter egg hunts and the meetings of new family and friends have transpired in this old house.

 Many turkeys and Easter eggs have been cooked and dyed in here.
One of the bedrooms down stairs There are two more upstairs!

Down stairs another room made into the office through those french doors a family room.  

 My parents have a house in Florida they have been coming back and forth for a few years now.   As I think about all the memories of this house I will miss it.  I am attached to it for when my parents move that will not just be the end to our ties to the house but, to Tennessee.  
  I remember when my mom was younger she always wanted a red brick house with a big front porch... Well here it is!
 Now that she is getting older she wants  less square footage.  A more reliable winter temperature, also less than three acres to mow.  Understandable!
 One more thing this house sits near a cemetery. 
In the front of the driveway as you drive up to the house.
 My Great Great Grandfather John M. Wilhite is buried there. 

 I will look back at our stay in Tennessee for all the years with fond memories.  For now I have pictures that I will hold dear to my heart.  I mostly will enjoy having my Mom and my Step Dad closer to me in Florida.
Thanks  for coming by I hope you enjoyed a trip down memory lane, walking through our old farm house.
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  1. What a wonderful home Cindy.... thank you for sharing, I am sure someone will purchase her soon and make more family memories. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi Cindy,
    It's nice to have such wonderful memories of your parent's home and something that will never leave you even after the house is sold. It's also great to have your parents near you.