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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Thrifty Finds that Make a Home!

So many wonderful finds out there that can make a difference in your home. Old treasure, new treasures, modern or antique.. When I go out to treasure hunt I often say out loud I am looking for a type of piece for a certain area.  I end up finding just the right piece. I am so thrilled and amazed at the items I have found. Yes, it does take time.. but, oh the joy! Once you lay your eyes on it.. One crucial thing  for me.  when I go hunting it has to be in my budget... Under five dollars perfect.. Ten dollars okay that is a bargain.   Come and see some of the items I have found over the years that have made my house a home... What fun...
This basket I painted and embellished was found at a yard sale.. I use it every day in my kitchen for my bread basket... a quarter purchase a nickle worth of paint...  Oh it is a bit worn and could use a new paint job again. It is handy...
A lamp I purchased at a Garage sale they wanted five dollars for... OM/Goodness was I excited...  Still love it even though my house has changed to a more modern house...  I try to blend the old with the new..  In the background the globes on those dripping prism candles where also a garage sale find. I paid a dollar for both globes, they had four.  I always wished I had purchased the the other two globes.
A purchase at a yard sale I think I paid eight or ten dollars for it.  It sits by my door waiting for the wet umbrella's as we live in Florida now.
All three of these items purchased at a yard sale.. The large mirror I paid five dollars for it.   The small mirror was 2.00 and the lady holding a rabbit on the same pedestal she came with I think I splurged and paid 20.00 for her..

So many little things that make up a home and yet what memories of collecting each piece and what pride to know you paid little but have much love for each.
Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed a few of the treasures I have picked up along the way..


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  1. hi Cindy ... you have found some beautiful things for your Victorian home. I do love Victorian but going more casual now. Still have pieces that I love, especially in the bedrooms.
    Thanks for stopping by Timeless Treasures with a nice comment. Hope you will visit again.
    Audrey Z.

  2. Hello Cindy
    What wonderful treasures you have found... I love the light!! Enjoy your weekend.


  3. You found some beautiful treasures. I love the umbrella stand.

    1. Thank you Susan... I appreciate your sweet comments and your stopping by. So kind...