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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Shabby Chic Tissue Box Make Over

 I have a love for Shabby Chic decor and I must say I love me some Bling...   Thinking of useful items that could use a makeover.   I had a huge bag that I had hid a bunch of plastic bags in.  All in my  laundry room taking up space.  Those wonderful plastic bags!   As you know they are very useful but you can collect them quickly. 

  I have seen a few bag holders, cloth ones, card board from oat meal boxes.  So many different ones.  They all work pretty well.   I happen to have had a Tissue box so out came the scrapes of white lace and material and Now I have a presentable bag holder.  What else can I do.    Well, I have a few projects coming out soon.  A Table for one and a New Shabby Chic headboard to add to my Shabby chic bedroom.  Check back to see them when I get them finished.  Meanwhile ....

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  1. Hi Cindy, This is a GREAT idea!! I love it! I've seen things made to put those ugly plastic bags in but this is the best I have seen!! Blessings for a wonderful week~~~Roxie

  2. Very pretty and ingenous idea for those bags!