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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Framed Roses

I was thinking about Fall right around the corner.  How time flies with Fall then Winter comes swiftly. The roses are only here for a little while in most places.  When thinking of that, I  thought I was inspired  to paint a rose.

 However, Like all things, sometimes your in the mood to be creative and other days you struggle with it.  I must say although I felt inspired and all things turned out. They did not turn out as well as I would of liked.   The more I  messed with it... Oh maybe I need to fix... Dang I should of left it alone etc.  It didn't come easy as some days for sure.  My roses are always a work in progress..

This frame was beautiful but was gold and so I painted it white with a little black.  I think it  looks so much better what do you think?

Hugs, Cindy
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Crafted Ornate Chalkboard Frame and Updated Clock!

I have been wanting to bring into the kitchen a chalkboard or memo board of some kind for writing grocery list's.
 I am always looking for paper to write my list on before heading out.   I have seen some cute idea's for chalk boards and some of the cutest I have found have been in fabulous frames.
  I did not have a shabby chic fabulous frame but I did have a frame.   I bought some wood decal accessories some time ago. I haven't had an opportunity to use them until this project.

The items you will need for making this project:  E-6000 Glue, A Frame,  Wood embellishment decals, white all purpose caulk, wall board, painters tape, white acrylic paint, chalkboard paint.

Glue your Wooden decal to your frame using the E-6000 Tape into position to hold and then place heavy items I used some books to hold in place.
This my fancy taping of the wood decals to make sure they hold after placing heavy books on them I waited till the next day to remove the tape.
I then painted the wood accessories and gave the frame a coat of white to match.  After the paint was dry I used the white caulk to seal any of the raised area's to make it look like one piece.  I then applied a second coat of white paint to the caulk, frame and accessories.  I then cut the wall board to fit the opening and began painting with the chalkboard paint.  I used Americana Chalk board paint. 

I coated the board once horizontal let dry and then coated vertical to assure good coverage.( I did this a couple of times) I then let it dry well before curing with the chalk. ( which means I slathered chalk up and down the chalk board all over) I then wiped it off.
Here is what it looks like on my wall ready for my grocery list...

 But, something wasn't right!  I had a gold clock on this wall.  It did not look right with the white wall decorations.  So down the clock came ready for a new look.

Thanks for stopping by I hope your having a great summer.  I hope to see you around at the parties I attend... See below..

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Antique Table Shabby to Shabby Chic

After many months of pondering what to do with this warped table.  The veneer was peeling off and this is basically what this poor table looked like when I got it.   My five dollar bargain.  I really wanted to paint roses on it then stain it with a nice dark stain.  However, I have never done that before and the table was in such distress.  It only seemed appropriate to try to get the warp out of it and then paint it.
After wetting the table and then placing two by sixes on it with clamps to try to get better shape into the top.  It did take some of the warp out but not all of it. 
 I painted it white and then begin to paint a round oval design with some roses staggered on the design.   After getting closer to the end of the design.  I did not like the rounded design that was previous painted.  So out came the white paint to cover that and  began free handing the roses and leaves.  I still need to seal it with polyurethane or a wax made for wood.  
 This is the transformation of my five dollar bargain.  What a transformation from what I started with.
I now need to find a place to put it.  That is the biggest chore of all!! Finding space to put it!
I hope you enjoy....

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Shabby Chic Tissue Box Make Over

 I have a love for Shabby Chic decor and I must say I love me some Bling...   Thinking of useful items that could use a makeover.   I had a huge bag that I had hid a bunch of plastic bags in.  All in my  laundry room taking up space.  Those wonderful plastic bags!   As you know they are very useful but you can collect them quickly. 

  I have seen a few bag holders, cloth ones, card board from oat meal boxes.  So many different ones.  They all work pretty well.   I happen to have had a Tissue box so out came the scrapes of white lace and material and Now I have a presentable bag holder.  What else can I do.    Well, I have a few projects coming out soon.  A Table for one and a New Shabby Chic headboard to add to my Shabby chic bedroom.  Check back to see them when I get them finished.  Meanwhile ....

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