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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Decor from a Thrifty Sale

Here I am again talking about things I found at the garage sales in the past few weeks.
 Simple things at low prices.  I don't think you can get better than that.  I enjoy going to the yard sales and espcially love it when I find things I can use for my home with sometimes a little embellishment.
  Sometimes it's the simple things that turn out the best.
Here is a wreath I bought same time as last week at the Habitat for Humanity for $4.50 it had the beads all around it is mounted on a grapevine wreath.  I love bling so I went to JoAnn's Fabrics and bought some little mirrors and other bling accessories.  The wreath was in a bit of distress with the beads going every which way.   So I glued them with my handy dandy glue gun to make them more uniform.   The shiney little stick on beads  was only .99 cents.  The mirrors a few dollars.  Now when you pass by you get a bit of a shine that catches your eye and I am enjoying my new wreath hung on my wall.   Did I mention I have a mirror problem.. Love them... Maybe one of these blogs will be on the mirrors I have found over the years.   Well until then...

Did you see the little mirrors on it?

I also picked up this round piece of heavy iron work.   I thought I would paint it and mount it on the outside of my house as an accent piece.   But, once in place outside it seemed miniature in comparison to the Lady that stood out there.   So I brought it in and left it it's original color then transformed above my curio.  
 I purchased the Iron work for $1.00 at a Garage Sale!
Final Look  I am loving it!    

Hope you enjoy!   

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  1. Love that iron work piece you found for a dollar! It looks wonderful on your curio! I do enjoy yard sales so much but haven't been going this Spring.....too much going on! Missing it Blessed and find more wonderful things~~~Roxie