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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Past and Present Paintings, Idea's, Crafts!

This mail box was designed by me, then put together and built by my Mr. Victorian Journey The bottom and top of the mailbox was from plant hangers I found at Kirkland very inexpensive.   I think it is graceful beauty.   I plan on making another design for our new house one of these days.

I wish I had painted the door on this house.  I never did!   The door is an old door from the fifties. A lot of houses in that era had these kind of doors. 
 The sun would shine in on us each evening. Then when people would come to the door the first thing they would do is look through the glass.  Opps... good thing we covered that up.
 The inserts are made out of cardboard cut into squares, covered with a cloth that matched my design with hot glue. I  then hot glued these Fragonard emblems on with tassels I added.  Back into the square glass they go.   It was a great solution to our problem of peepers.

Some of my items the day of my garage sale.  I still haven't unpacked everything since moving !  So do I own any of these still?  I really do not know.  Except for the one dark plate with the brilliant roses on it.  I sold that on eBay last week.   

Last some painting I completed.  I haven't painted in about a year now.  In time things will be normal and slow down and I will get back to painting again.

Well that is it my Hodgepodge of things I wanted to share.  I hope you enjoy!


  1. Hi Cindy, wow, love your mailbox! So pretty and unique! I take it, you have moved.....hope you are enjoying your new home! Come visit...I'm having a give-a-way! Blessings~~~Roxie

  2. Some great pictures that mailbox is great.

  3. The mailbox is lovely and I'm really crushing on the roses :)

  4. What a great idea to make your own mailbox,very beautiful, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.