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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Let the New Projects begin!

While out to Garage Sales this weekend I came across some new trophies for low prices.  These two mirrors were only $4 for the pair.              JACKPOT!!   Chi Ching!!!!
There was two table legs that were in a box with these two frames, they were very ornate so I boldly asked if they wanted to throw those in.  They did!   All for Four dollars!!!!   Oh don't be a hater yet!   You will see them later at the end of the post.
Well all will need some tweaking !!!!     My biggest project will be below. Yep!!  A Tilt top antique table.  At this angle not so bad.... But just wait...  For the bargain price of $5.00 I will show you why scroll down!
                                      This flip top table was a steal at 5.00 yep five dollars...  

                                                                             Oh Now you see! 
The top of table had a veneer you can see a few little pieces that are still stuck on it.  It was all bubbled up and they had painted on the top of it.  So no choice but to take off the veneer. In the Future I will  post what I will do with it.   You can see it is warped a bit!   Oh my and the leg is loose should I have left it?  I couldn't resist trying...
 What will I do with the legs.  Idea's are welcome I am thinking about making them part of a piece of old furniture like molding on a armour?  Or maybe shelf holders?   Any idea's????
  Well it will be a challenge but, isn't that where great idea's come from?



  1. Hi Cindy, just found your Blog! I see those table legs as beautiful doorway brackets perhaps leading from a living room to the dining room, very ornate and different! Kay

  2. Thank you Kate for your comment. That's a good idea. Actually just realized these legs I thought was legs. Turns out they are mirror holders the decorative part sits on the dresser and a mirror goes in between the holes. Even better... Thanks again for your comment you are appreciated..

  3. Some great finds.
    I really like the mirrors.

  4. Great finds and prices
    I have seen people use legs like that up against legs of a counter or kitchen island , they are gorgeous

  5. I love it all. I would take those legs off your hands and make a hall table :)

  6. Thanks you to all... Still a work in progress.. Great ideas for use.