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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blogging about.... Wishes

Hello all... It's me........... dots represent thinking...........
What to blog about?...... I haven't made crafts much this year.  I showed you my house and my yard.  I haven't got the carpet up yet.  I haven't went on vacation yet..... hmmm.... 
It is to cold to go to yard sales.  So here is to wishing... 
Wishing I had something to blog about....    I was looking through some blogs I have on my blog list.   Some hadn't blogged in months.  Oh how I do want to blog.  But, in these winter months, I find it harder to blog.  
 Bless all of you bloggers out there that come up with new inspiration every month.   Who keeps blogging.   Blessed are those that know how to do those parties... so everyone comes to your blog.  As for me...... I am still thinking that next month after vacation.  I will have a lot more to blog about.  Stay tuned....and thanks for your patients..  Hugs to all..

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Simple Fixes

A simple project for some inexpensive frames I bought from Ollie's a discount store in our area. They originally had a pinkish hue.  Paint, glue  gun and beads.  The possibilities are endless. 

Next Project!

My next project will be a bit bigger.  I must say I have lived with some awful carpet in my dining  room since  we bought our home.
( now going on twelve years).  
 It had seen better days before we got here, but we just never got around to replacing the carpet.  The one thing I remember being told that the dining room has hard wood but it has not been finished.   I always wanted to pull up the carpet but new that would mean either renting a hardwood floor sander or hiring it out along with stain and polyurethane.  It can be very expensive to hire it out.   Well recently, I pulled the carpet back to work on the air vent and to my surprise I could see that the floors are stained and at least have some gloss to them. Out came the razor knife and cut it back a bit more.
 All these years I never looked.  I know can you imagine.   So after my vacation I will be pulling up the carpet and hoping the floors are in good enough condition to pass for a bit longer. 
 I am just excited that they are stained and not just the hardwood with no stain on them.  Guess it goes to show not to believe everything you hear...