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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Questions? Antique booth? Esty?

 What happens to all the beautiful creative items you make?

I know some of you have booths and sell on Etsy.  But, what about the rest of you.  Do you peddle your goods on Ebay?  Give them as gifts?  Or do you adorn your home with all the best of the best that you made?  What about the overflow?  As for me I was selling in my antique booth.  I must say I closed the booth for lack luster customers in the creative department.  What I mean is, most people in the area that came to the antique booth were looking for authentic antiques that was in pristine condition. (No painted wood)  country style.  In the area where my booth was the people like primitives.  I had some of that, however, what I love and love to do is make something old into something new.   Simple things brought up to date.  
I now am placing some of the items in my home as decor.   These trays I made some time ago.  They did not sale in my booth.   They now adorn my wall in the living room, with some other items I made. 
Well Let me Know!   What do you do with all of your overflow of items?


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bringing in the Bling....

                                                                A little bling in the kitchen...
Adding simple embellishments.  I  love the difference..   Such a joy making those special items pop, with expressions of your self. I love my bling...    Hope you Enjoy!
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Monday, January 7, 2013

Lampshades and Other Crafts you can Make!

Both of these lampshades I made from place mats.  Materials included glue gun, lace trim and white beads along with a place mat that had reverse fabric on one side with floral motif and words on the other a few beads added to the lace..  
A old frame I painted with chalk paint and then with acrylic paint painted the basket and flowers.

An old pickle Jar.  I had previously painted the lid pink but, slowly changing my house to Shabby white with hues of blue.  I used Water slide paper and a graphic from: The Graphics Fairy.
New Biscuit treat jar for my pooches..

A simple white with silver utensil container... Using water slide paper I purchased on eBay and a font from my word document.  
Just a little bit of flair..

                                                              Hope you Enjoy!    Cindy
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shabby chic with Gold, Silver, Aqua, White.

In an earlier post I showed you my updated bathroom.  I am still working on it. All of my items came from thrift stores.  The night light cover are from scraps of fabric from previous craft projects.   I Found the perfect shower curtain, it is Batten burg lace, in Ecru, with valances that are in that same off white color, I paid  5.99 for the shower curtain at my favorite thrift store.
A splash of aqua marine, with glass bottles let clear stones  aqua beads shine through.  A touch of silver and gold accents along with all the bright white paint. The paint was given to me from a left over project from  my daughter.  I am loving it!   Hope you love it too.