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Friday, November 15, 2013

Amazing Florida

When living in Florida some 12 years ago we lived on a four acres of land and saw so much wild life.  
 We had an small alligator in the ditch... I know right!   A bob cat go across the back of our property.  An otter my dog went after and thank goodness both survived with out battle scars.   All kind of  snakes... one time my husband and I was sitting on the open back porch when as usual we heard a toad croaking but this one was bit louder right under my husbands chair.  My husband moved just in time as a rattle snake struck the toad.  Sad for the toad but thank goodness it wasn't my husband it hit.  

We recently moved back to Florida no longer on four acres but in a rural neighborhood near the canal.  I told my husband I had seen a large white bird with black wings and had never seen that before while we went through the everglades to visit my daughter.   This morning while looking out my patio glass, I saw ten large white birds with huge beaks who stood tall and one white egret with them.  What a wonderful sight.  I just looked them up and they are Wood Storks.   I had seen grey storks as a family of them visited me before when I had lived here.  Such an amazing place Florida is.  You never know what your going to come across.  The pictures are not the best but, I  hope it captures my piece of nature I enjoyed this morning. 

Hugs, Cindy

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