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Sunday, October 13, 2013

OM/Goodness We are

Hello Good Friends in Blog land.

I have struggled this year to get my blog going.  The task of creating has not been one of my priorities this year.  I know, I can't believe I said that either.

Well, so many things have transpired.  But, the big News... Is OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!

I showed you a few pictures of the beautiful sunsets while I was in Florida.  My home town.  I have been here in this beautiful area of Knoxville, TN. now for twelve years.  I am finally going home.
So again, I will be busy.

I had painted, spruced up, and repaired everything I can think of on our older but, beautiful Ranch house.  We then called a wonderful Realtor recommended to me by my daughter. We signed our contract 6/4/2013.

I have been keeping the house extremely picked up.  Anything that shined I shined. I also got a Yankie Candle, candle warmer that had this little cup on top that I used to put essential oils in.  I could then  leave and yet the house smelled good.  I turned on soft music and left it on when showing my home. Recommended by my Realtor.   If you need a great realtor for this area..
 (See Penny Cowell, Prime Mtn Properties. ) Maybe you will want to buy a cabin in the Smokies...

We had our first showing with in two weeks of putting our house on the market.  We also received an offer, but was unable to except that one.  So kept cleaning and shining and praying.

Second Showing: we received another offer!   We accepted!  We have went through the inspection process now.  No repairs requested.. Awesome!  We are waiting for the appraisal, then termite inspection.  Update... Termite inspection clear. So now the appraisal.    After that, we will be packing up everything we own and off we go. Of course, Closing.
 To go home... to be with my kids, and to enjoy my grand kids.   I CAN'T WAIT. ....

SO EXCITED... and their is a part of me that will miss the beautiful spring time, the Hosta's I will no longer be able to grow. The roses that bloom the beginning of spring and are so beautiful, the daylilies that pop up every summer.  I am sure there will be more things I will miss like flowers above. But, I am running too the people that are the most important to me.  My kids, and Grand Kids...
When I get settled.  Once we find a new home.  I hope to share with you about our  journey and progress.
I am sure we will be living in a smaller home.  But, what is the most important is being with Family..
This is our home in Florida!   Still getting settled in.   We are enjoying spending  time with the Grand Children and Kids..  Just as we had hoped..  It was worth all the hard work to get to them.   Hugs, Cindy

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  1. Congratulations on your move.
    It was good to see your post since it's been awhile.