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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Putting your house on the Market?

Well there I said it!  I placed my home on the market!  Why the big deal?  Well, we have lived and loved Tennessee for the last twelve years.   But, isn't their always one of those?  But, both my children live in Florida and they have my grandchildren.  
 I seen a commercial, ( oh I don't know which insurance commercial it is for) 
 The grand mother says we moved back to so we can now spend time with our Grand children.  The grand children say... GR-E-A-T!  :( Well it was funny when they said  it... :)
Clean, Clean, Clean, and then Clean some more.  Make the beds and fluff the pillows. 
 Stage the house as if I was showing a model home. Organize every closet, every cabinet.  Packed up our items we do not need.  
Took pictures of each room.  Looked at the pictures, to see flaws.  Are their electrical lines showing?    Does it look cluttered?  Then I made the corrections.  I then took pictures again. Okay... perfect... 

Shine the floors, to make everything sparkle.  I found that new multi-cleaner by Windex to be awesome. 
 Make  points in the  toilet paper at the end as if it's a fancy Hotel.  
I found some soft music to play,while my home was being  shown.  I tried to find nice scent for my home that most will love.  I used apple cinnamon. The last two comments was recommended by my realtor. She says  fresh baked cookies is a winner scent too.
Sweep porches, shine windows, clean rugs, paint and paint some more.
 I then looked at the yard! 
Do I have curb appeal?   Important!  The  first impression, to get them to want to see my home.  Then find the perfect realtor.  The realtor that will contact you, each time you need them.  Worth their weight in Gold. 

Waiting for the showing... Waiting for the offer... See next blog for update...



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