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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Update on our Home!

The yard sale is completed.  The donation to Habitat for Humanity done.  Painting rooms, porch and shutters on the outside. Getting ready for the big move...

 Please come in.... 

    The covers are off the sofa's now just a pop of red with white pillows I made. 
The walls have been re-decorated with less items.
Another before de-cluttering



  1. Your porch looks very welcoming your room looks great I hope everything go's well with your basement I hate it when issues come up with the home. We have a old home with something's we need to fix. Every year we have some new problem.

  2. Oh no,structural problems are the worst! Looks like you have it on the run though. Did it just crack one day or was it slowly cracking over time? We don't have basements in Florida, even if yours is cracked, I am still envious!


  3. Oh my goodness, what a job, I'm sorry to read this. Looks as though things are moving along. Your front porch is so welcoming, I could sit there for hours. fondly ~lynne~

  4. Evening Cindy, Wow, you have been one busy gal!! It's too bad about your basement but the good news is you have it fixed!! I like all that you have completed and re-decorated in your home. De-cluttering does make one feel did me!! We went through a big move back in Feb-Mar. The older I get I want to keep things more simple! Your home is very lovely~~~It was very nice to hear from you....Blessings and a wonderful weekend~~~Roxie

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