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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Update for Guest Room

Hey I am going on eleven years old a Newfoundland Mix I helped mom Paint!
We live in a Ranch from the 50's.  It is spacious but, this room was a blast from the past.  From the previous post this room had walnut paneling to this updated.  Ceiling and walls with new paint job.  So much better wouldn't you say.    It is still a work in progress!
We still need to get new baseboards painted and put on.  Painting paneling is labor intensive.  Primer coat took all day.  Next day Ceiling  painted  took all day.  Next day Painting the paneling with country white color took all day.   Now it feels fresh and new and not like a cave.   Thanks for stopping by and seeing the on going changes to our home.   Cindy

Monday, April 15, 2013

Guest room update

 The back Guest room.  Dark Walnut paneling.  So gloomy and cave like.  Most men prefer to leave the wood tones.  Thank goodness I am finally getting to get around to painting it.
The closet was built and put in by my husband.  After getting this room in order I will report on the progress.  It will be a country white.  I hope it will look much more cheerful and updated.  
Update coming.  Thanks for stopping by.  Cindy