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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Questions? Antique booth? Esty?

 What happens to all the beautiful creative items you make?

I know some of you have booths and sell on Etsy.  But, what about the rest of you.  Do you peddle your goods on Ebay?  Give them as gifts?  Or do you adorn your home with all the best of the best that you made?  What about the overflow?  As for me I was selling in my antique booth.  I must say I closed the booth for lack luster customers in the creative department.  What I mean is, most people in the area that came to the antique booth were looking for authentic antiques that was in pristine condition. (No painted wood)  country style.  In the area where my booth was the people like primitives.  I had some of that, however, what I love and love to do is make something old into something new.   Simple things brought up to date.  
I now am placing some of the items in my home as decor.   These trays I made some time ago.  They did not sale in my booth.   They now adorn my wall in the living room, with some other items I made. 
Well Let me Know!   What do you do with all of your overflow of items?



  1. Usually, I mark stuff down after a while...It will eventually sell. About once a year, I take out a few things and donate them back to where they came LOL!


  2. I never have any overflow. My list of things I want to make for me is long. Then all my friends and family expect homemade gifts from me. I want to sell things because even a little extra income would be so good for our family..if there was just more hours in the day!