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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good blog!
Another year is upon us. 
 Another Christmas is here!   What a difference a year makes...
Less than three one of our Angels

Last years tree no grandchildren only pictures on the tree to represent them so sad..
Now almost six we have no tree but everything we need this year!
Another Angel for Christmas this year we are so blessed..

 We are expecting a new Little one in June we are so tickled...

Thank you blog world for all the times you stopped by.  We are so blessed this year!  I am wishing this Christmas all your wishes come true.  Hugs from our family to yours, 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Amazing Florida

When living in Florida some 12 years ago we lived on a four acres of land and saw so much wild life.  
 We had an small alligator in the ditch... I know right!   A bob cat go across the back of our property.  An otter my dog went after and thank goodness both survived with out battle scars.   All kind of  snakes... one time my husband and I was sitting on the open back porch when as usual we heard a toad croaking but this one was bit louder right under my husbands chair.  My husband moved just in time as a rattle snake struck the toad.  Sad for the toad but thank goodness it wasn't my husband it hit.  

We recently moved back to Florida no longer on four acres but in a rural neighborhood near the canal.  I told my husband I had seen a large white bird with black wings and had never seen that before while we went through the everglades to visit my daughter.   This morning while looking out my patio glass, I saw ten large white birds with huge beaks who stood tall and one white egret with them.  What a wonderful sight.  I just looked them up and they are Wood Storks.   I had seen grey storks as a family of them visited me before when I had lived here.  Such an amazing place Florida is.  You never know what your going to come across.  The pictures are not the best but, I  hope it captures my piece of nature I enjoyed this morning. 

Hugs, Cindy

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shabby Chic Guest room

We are settling in our new home.  Florida is fabulous!  Here is one of our spare bedrooms I turned into shabby chic room.  Although very small room  I used many things in non traditional ways. 
                            The side table, at one time a microwave cart. Card table holds my laptop now.
I found this duvet at a local thrift in Knoxville, TN right before moving.  I fell in love with it.   The pillow cases with the triangle flaps my mom had and I just had to have them.
 Of course she gave them to me.   The other pillows if you remember are from a previous picture before, sat on my sofa in Knoxville.  I made them and the flower on the front of the big one.   Now, they are perfect for my shabby bed. 

 Above the bed another great find this black decoration with the bling.  A whole five dollars at a yard sale.  I can put it anywhere and it looks great.  I love pieces like that.  Well I pulled it all together with the black and white accessories and just love the way it turned out. 
A Shabby Chic chest holds my TV.  The application of wood decor glued on then painted by a friend.

 The desk holding my computer is very small antique table at first glance but,  it actually opens up to a large card table.  (See first picture of the desk) I had no where to put the table, Nor, did I have  room for a desk in this room so it became my desk.  

 The cherub, originally a candle holder,  is now the perfect coaster for my sweet tea.   Hope you enjoy... Hugs, Cindy   

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

OM/Goodness We are

Hello Good Friends in Blog land.

I have struggled this year to get my blog going.  The task of creating has not been one of my priorities this year.  I know, I can't believe I said that either.

Well, so many things have transpired.  But, the big News... Is OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!

I showed you a few pictures of the beautiful sunsets while I was in Florida.  My home town.  I have been here in this beautiful area of Knoxville, TN. now for twelve years.  I am finally going home.
So again, I will be busy.

I had painted, spruced up, and repaired everything I can think of on our older but, beautiful Ranch house.  We then called a wonderful Realtor recommended to me by my daughter. We signed our contract 6/4/2013.

I have been keeping the house extremely picked up.  Anything that shined I shined. I also got a Yankie Candle, candle warmer that had this little cup on top that I used to put essential oils in.  I could then  leave and yet the house smelled good.  I turned on soft music and left it on when showing my home. Recommended by my Realtor.   If you need a great realtor for this area..
 (See Penny Cowell, Prime Mtn Properties. ) Maybe you will want to buy a cabin in the Smokies...

We had our first showing with in two weeks of putting our house on the market.  We also received an offer, but was unable to except that one.  So kept cleaning and shining and praying.

Second Showing: we received another offer!   We accepted!  We have went through the inspection process now.  No repairs requested.. Awesome!  We are waiting for the appraisal, then termite inspection.  Update... Termite inspection clear. So now the appraisal.    After that, we will be packing up everything we own and off we go. Of course, Closing.
 To go home... to be with my kids, and to enjoy my grand kids.   I CAN'T WAIT. ....

SO EXCITED... and their is a part of me that will miss the beautiful spring time, the Hosta's I will no longer be able to grow. The roses that bloom the beginning of spring and are so beautiful, the daylilies that pop up every summer.  I am sure there will be more things I will miss like flowers above. But, I am running too the people that are the most important to me.  My kids, and Grand Kids...
When I get settled.  Once we find a new home.  I hope to share with you about our  journey and progress.
I am sure we will be living in a smaller home.  But, what is the most important is being with Family..
This is our home in Florida!   Still getting settled in.   We are enjoying spending  time with the Grand Children and Kids..  Just as we had hoped..  It was worth all the hard work to get to them.   Hugs, Cindy

Saturday, October 12, 2013

From Drab to Shab...

Well it's been awhile.   We sold our home and we are enjoying life in Florida.   We are still getting settled in.  This is my first project.  Of course it's a light, seems that, that is what I do.  Hope you enjoy!  Cindy

                                                                     Almost Done
Hope you Enjoy!  
Hugs, Cindy

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Night light remake

Here is a small project I managed to get around to before putting all my things in storage.

Sheet Music

                                                             Making paper flowers

Side view of  added buttons, ribbon and beading.  Added Flowers.  Hot glued onto the frame of the night light.  Easy fun project...  Hope you enjoy... Cindy  

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Putting your house on the Market?

Well there I said it!  I placed my home on the market!  Why the big deal?  Well, we have lived and loved Tennessee for the last twelve years.   But, isn't their always one of those?  But, both my children live in Florida and they have my grandchildren.  
 I seen a commercial, ( oh I don't know which insurance commercial it is for) 
 The grand mother says we moved back to so we can now spend time with our Grand children.  The grand children say... GR-E-A-T!  :( Well it was funny when they said  it... :)
Clean, Clean, Clean, and then Clean some more.  Make the beds and fluff the pillows. 
 Stage the house as if I was showing a model home. Organize every closet, every cabinet.  Packed up our items we do not need.  
Took pictures of each room.  Looked at the pictures, to see flaws.  Are their electrical lines showing?    Does it look cluttered?  Then I made the corrections.  I then took pictures again. Okay... perfect... 

Shine the floors, to make everything sparkle.  I found that new multi-cleaner by Windex to be awesome. 
 Make  points in the  toilet paper at the end as if it's a fancy Hotel.  
I found some soft music to play,while my home was being  shown.  I tried to find nice scent for my home that most will love.  I used apple cinnamon. The last two comments was recommended by my realtor. She says  fresh baked cookies is a winner scent too.
Sweep porches, shine windows, clean rugs, paint and paint some more.
 I then looked at the yard! 
Do I have curb appeal?   Important!  The  first impression, to get them to want to see my home.  Then find the perfect realtor.  The realtor that will contact you, each time you need them.  Worth their weight in Gold. 

Waiting for the showing... Waiting for the offer... See next blog for update...



Monday, June 24, 2013

Making a bird bath your way

6905 Ruggles Ferry Pike, Knoxville, TN 37924 

Making a bird bath look like what you need it to look like.   Any ornament that is appealing to you.  This is an Angel usually used for a lawn ornament.  It is made out of resin,  E-6000 Glue. Tape ornament in place till glue dries.

 I made this years ago, still sitting pretty after all this time.

The birds love using it to perch on.    Thanks for stopping. 

Hugs, Cindy

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Update on our Home!

The yard sale is completed.  The donation to Habitat for Humanity done.  Painting rooms, porch and shutters on the outside. Getting ready for the big move...

 Please come in.... 

    The covers are off the sofa's now just a pop of red with white pillows I made. 
The walls have been re-decorated with less items.
Another before de-cluttering


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Update for Guest Room

Hey I am going on eleven years old a Newfoundland Mix I helped mom Paint!
We live in a Ranch from the 50's.  It is spacious but, this room was a blast from the past.  From the previous post this room had walnut paneling to this updated.  Ceiling and walls with new paint job.  So much better wouldn't you say.    It is still a work in progress!
We still need to get new baseboards painted and put on.  Painting paneling is labor intensive.  Primer coat took all day.  Next day Ceiling  painted  took all day.  Next day Painting the paneling with country white color took all day.   Now it feels fresh and new and not like a cave.   Thanks for stopping by and seeing the on going changes to our home.   Cindy

Monday, April 15, 2013

Guest room update

 The back Guest room.  Dark Walnut paneling.  So gloomy and cave like.  Most men prefer to leave the wood tones.  Thank goodness I am finally getting to get around to painting it.
The closet was built and put in by my husband.  After getting this room in order I will report on the progress.  It will be a country white.  I hope it will look much more cheerful and updated.  
Update coming.  Thanks for stopping by.  Cindy

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Sunset

There is a small town in Florida where I grew up.  I never knew how beautiful it is or how much I would miss itThen I moved away. Now, no longer a small town when returning my heart melts. Hope you enjoy....   Cindy

This is the Calossahatchee River.  The water is so blue, as I look at the sunset, it reminds me of fishing off the Edison Bridge with my Dad when I was but a teenager.   To this day any sunset with a colorful sky always brings me back to those days.           

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blogging about.... Wishes

Hello all... It's me........... dots represent thinking...........
What to blog about?...... I haven't made crafts much this year.  I showed you my house and my yard.  I haven't got the carpet up yet.  I haven't went on vacation yet..... hmmm.... 
It is to cold to go to yard sales.  So here is to wishing... 
Wishing I had something to blog about....    I was looking through some blogs I have on my blog list.   Some hadn't blogged in months.  Oh how I do want to blog.  But, in these winter months, I find it harder to blog.  
 Bless all of you bloggers out there that come up with new inspiration every month.   Who keeps blogging.   Blessed are those that know how to do those parties... so everyone comes to your blog.  As for me...... I am still thinking that next month after vacation.  I will have a lot more to blog about.  Stay tuned....and thanks for your patients..  Hugs to all..