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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beads Beads and more Beads

Some times when you go out to thrift stores and tag sales, you just hit the jack pot.  We all love those days!  This is what happened to me recently.  I went off to one of my favorite thrift stores and there was two bins.  Both blue about the equal size.  The one said Bead Lot 12.99 the other one said the same.    I took one of the bins and placed in my buggy!  The other one was grabbed up very quickly by another customer.  Wow... what a find!  I have never made jewelry before but will be beading my little fingers off now.   While out I also found some items that I just loved.  The yellow toile tablecloth and these beautiful shades.  I couldn't remember if my chandelier had five or six arms that would accommodate these beautiful shades.. so I snatched them up for the five dollars and took a chance.   To my mom's dining room they go. She was the lucky five arm chandelier holder.   Hope you enjoy!

 I still can't believe all this for only 12.99...

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Rose Paintings

Feeling a bit restless.  I Needed to find something to keep me busy.  I pulled down some frames with roses all ready in them that had been on my walls for awhile.  I wanted to change the gold in the house slowly to white and began with these bubble glass frames that are very ornate.   After painting them white I decided I liked them much better with the update.   I also had a large gold frame in the bathroom in it a painting I had completed a long while ago.  So that became my new project today.    If you ever painted pictures you kinda have to be in the mood.  As I began and was into it for awhile I felt myself wanting to hurry through it.  Which tells me I wasn't in the mood to paint.  I was determined that I was going to finish it today.  Some times you just have to work through things.   These are the results for today.. Hope you enjoy....

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Breeze

This is my yard I have worked on for many years.  My motto is for every window I look out of there should be something beautiful to look at.  This is the view from my front porch but also from my dining room window.  I hope you enjoy!    Cindy


 This rose bush was a gift from my daughter.  The rose is so beautiful and has the most unique smell. I see this beauty when doing laundry in my sun/craft/laundry room.

This is the view in my front yard and this statue I just love.  My view from my living room.  
                                                My Birdhouse my husband  made for me.
                     The next four pictures are on my side yard I see while looking out my kitchen.

               The above statue and this wild rose that blooms once a year are the view in my back yard.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beautiful Chipolte Jars

These smaller jars are from Walmart they contained, Pineapple Peach Chipolte Salsa.  Have you ever tried that?  It is delicious! After purchasing the salsa I seen the jar said mason.  So I soaked off the labels.  Then I painted the lids.   The green one was with Rustoleum spray paint, the pink one is just acrylic paint.  I loved the way the lids looked painted.  I have decided all lids should be painted. It just dresses up a ugly jar.  I took some wire strung some beads on it and twisted the wire together around the jar to dress it up.   On the other one, I did the same but, added a simple little gold flower I made.  There are so many things you could do with them.  I placed wild rice in one for storage.  You could dress these or any jars up with so many different designs. 
Then use them to store your dry goods.  You could label each jar, macaroni, rice, etc. The possibilities are endless

  Hope you Enjoyed, Cindy
                                    Before                                                                                         After

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Transformation with a Victorian Lady

                                     The transfer was possible thanks to the Graphics Fairy.

I found these chairs for a steal at what else a yard sale.  They actually had three of these same chairs.  They had two other chairs that matched a different pattern. Five in all.
 I felt like I could only take two of them. He was willing to sell all of them for a whopping five dollars.  He said someone had thrown them out to the dump and he picked them up.  
They have good bones! I think with some paint, and new upholstered cushion they are good for another few more years.

                                                      Tools used for my transformation!
                                            Wouldn't you know it the transfer tore! 
                  I ended up cutting the frayed part then filling it in with paint to match the transfer! 
I liked how it looked in brown, but decided to paint it white.

This is one of the two original chairs before...  Oh My...

Hope you Enjoyed!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Home Tour

I love Victorian and Shabby Chic.  We live in a fifties ranch home and love all the charm of the natural wood this home has to offer.    I would love that look of all white sofa's with soft pinks and a few Paris things thrown in.  I think it looks so great when you have that.  I also love Victorian and so for now this is my love.   I hope you enjoy the tour of our home.  Cindy

                                                  My Dining Room

                                                  My Country Kitchen
                                                                       Guest room Office