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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Apple Metal Shelf

Well here is a blast from the past.  I found this at a thrift store and passed it up several times.  I kept looking at it and when I couldn't find anything else I picked up this metal shelf.  As you see it was painted black.  I hadn't noticed at the time the dent in the metal and when I did,  I thought well that is on the bottom and it will be easy to fix.  Well, No the dent isn't fixable.   In the picture,  I didn't realize till later it was up side down making the dent at the top.   Now what?
It is upside down, dent on the bottom.

After dent now on top.
I spray painted the unit white.  It took many coats.  The back part of the shelf has these plastic sliders. I had this apple wall paper boarder, so I applied it to the plastic pieces in the back of the shelf. Then slid them back into position.  The letters APPLE are magnets.   I think it turned out very cute, in spite of  that dent.  I will call the dent, charm or something like that.
 It is in my antique booth.  The Farm House Antiques Mall. Our customers love primitive antiques, roosters, and are all about the farm living.  This will fit right in with the vintage items. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Everything in Time:

Okay! so I didn't get everything done I had anticipated getting done this week.   My booth located in Jefferson City, TN @ Farm House Antiques is packed. Yet, I am always looking for that next item.  Goes with the territory I know!
Currently I  have two ladder back chairs that need to be re-upholsterd and possibly painted. Undecided, one is hunter green, chippy and the other white chippy paint. What to do?  I also have two end tables I need to get started on. 
 Thinking more and more about that HOME RIGHT COMMAND MAX SPRAY PAINTER HVLP that was recommended.  Time will tell if my finger holds up on the spray paint.  I do not have a specific color yet that I use on my pieces.   I did invest in the small gadget RUST-OLEUM  has to offer for spray paint cans.  It is called RUST-OLEUM COMFORT GRIP.  It was all of seven dollars at Lowe's.  I will let you know the results.  I know my index finger will be  happy for the relief.    Here are a few of the Spring pictures I talked about.  I missed the Red bud tree's blooming but here is the dogwood and azalea's .  Stay tuned for future projects.  Enjoy!
My Azalea's just beginning to fill out with blooms.

Yes, this Dogwood tree has more than one flower on it. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Door Hardware Chime

Here is the Chime I made today.  Simple door hardware painted black with Krylon black paint.  Added the bling and prism with a bit of an old piece of chime I already had.  Wish I could take credit for this idea but seen this on a DIY blog.
  I do not know which blog.  I would love to give credit if you come forward.                          
                                     The finished product
                                           Happy Days,

Spring front porch

Hello everyone,  well I am enjoying this great spring day.  I will get pictures of the dogwoods and red-bud tree's blooming.  They are so beautiful when they are in bloom. I  do have my front porch ready for spring.  when the roses start blooming I will be adding dried roses to my wreath.  For now last years hydrangea's will have to do.  Hope you enjoy.  I also made some progress on my projects today.  

Monday, March 26, 2012

Magazine rack with stencil and joint compound

Found this small magazine rack and I know it needs so much help.

Sanding, wood putty and more sanding.  Added antique white from Valspar many coats. 
Taped a stencil down and used joint compound.  Once dry sanded and cleaned up edges, again added the antique white from Valspar.  Much better!  Hope it finds a new home as it is in my antique booth.
               Hope you find your inspiration in the smallest things. 
                                              Happy Day!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My New Adventure in an Antique booth. Painted Victorian Table

My new adventure my antique booth.  I talked about it for so long and here I am.   Well I guess that is how it goes.   I am having a wonderful time learning the ropes.  I have had my booth about six weeks now.   I am watching all my fellow blogger's and learning so much.  If you have helpful tips on first starting please comment.

I am excited about being on board.  In my short time of being a new booth owner.   I have learned so many new crafts.  I had no idea I could accomplish.   Making flowers, clay roses things I have not done before.  Loving it. 
 I have had a few oops.  But learning about that too.

I am currently making my first vintage hat embellishment.  Thank you, Carol at The Polka Dot Closet  for your information and help. 
  Here are a few of my new items since starting.  A plain table I painted with roses they represent plates. 

 The peacock was also from The Graphic Fairy.  I decoupaged the Peacock on and traced the French words  on with graphic paper and a black paint pen..