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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dreaming of a Romantic Shabby Chic Home

                    I am slowly changing my living room into the white shabby chic room I love....
From brown sofa's, to new version of Shabby Chic all white sofa's with lace and crotchet pillows

                            A pillow for the couch made from White Sheets with a lace border.

                                          A bottle dressed up in white lace with pearls and gold
 A new valance made from place mats clipped together with jewelry jump rings and also,shower rings
    Decanters filled with crystal beads and beads for a splash of blue and dressed up with vintage jewelry.
Antique Ball blue jar with zinc lid,  new lace and gold bottle, along with a French lemonade bottle for accent.  Hope you enjoy....

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Appreciation of Fall and Family

Up until this year I didn't appreciate Fall.  Oh don't get me wrong, I love the colors.  Most people I know just love Fall.
What Fall meant to me is Winter is coming.  You see I was raised in Florida.  I was used to Summer, then hotter than Summer, Hurricane Season, then a not so cool Winter. I love Florida and still do. It is what I was used too.  So up until ten years ago I hadn't seen snow and certainly hadn't seen the change of seasons. Am I a slow adjuster? Maybe so, but, this year after eleven years of seeing the change of seasons.  I can say, honestly say, I love this Fall.  I have resolved that, Winter is right around the corner and I will try to enjoy it too. 

  This is one of our family members, he came from the shelter and has made a special place in our hearts for the last four years. 
 Our other big guy. A New Foundland, Chow mix also came from the shelter We raised him from a puppy.  He is now ten years old, and is a loyal friend.

     Hope you enjoy.....                         
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Signatures of White

 I just loved these! I asked my son (who is visiting with us from the Sunshine State) what do you think these are? Brackets for a shelf he replied. Nope, they are Gingerbread Fret Work Porch Corners. But, they would look nice as shelf brackets too.
 I also found this piece at the same tag sale.  It had come apart in a couple of places so I  glued it, then placed clamps to hold in position.

Wonderful white lace curtains actually one had a stain on it I could not get out but, I was able to use it to make my couch cover.
I just love the look of this cover for the sofa.  Now to gather materials to make my loveseat look this way.
                                                                   Hope you enjoyed

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Friday, October 5, 2012

A Sprinkle of Seasons

Our Smokey Mountains

                                        Our driveway lined with Dogwood trees the start of Fall

                                  Our Daughters Dog enjoying a day of Snow in a previous year

Hope you Enjoy!   Cindy