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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Antique Booth items

What sells at an antique booth?  Now, that is what all of us, that have an antique booth want to know!
 It has been my experience in my area, that it depends on your booth location and the type of people in that area. 
At  The Victorian Journey there is such a variety of items.  I can't say that one item sells better than another.  However, some of the items I have sold have been china, especially rose patterns.  Rose oil paintings that are original and signed.  Merseman drum table in it's natural state (brown)  Linens, especially batten burg lace table clothes. The holidays are coming  so I will be stocking more linens.  I have sold Mussie Tussies that I made, so will be adding them through out the season.   Here are a few items I am collecting for my booth ...
 I hope you enjoy..... 

I partied at:
acreativeprincess /its-party-73


  1. You have some wonderful items.
    The linens look like they have that wonderful vintage feel.

  2. Hi Cindy! Looks like some good stuff. Love that pink portrait plate! Gina

  3. I'm with you on the linen, rose painting, and tussie mussies, they were great sellers...Now,I had a Mersman table and couldn't get rid of it until I painted it white, lord I must have had it for 6 months before it sold!


    1. I remember reading about your Mersman table you ended up painting white... enjoyed that story... but sure it was frustrating for you...

  4. I think I could do some shopping at your booth! I love the linens!!


  5. I have often wondered if the booths sell enough to cover the rent on the space. Some do, I am sure, but you see so much of the things forever. I trust you do well with yours.

  6. Where you are matters, isn't that the truth ! Tussies sell well for me too, paintings and prints do well also.
    Following you now !

  7. HPS!!!!
    Love your linens!!!
    I have so many.. you gave me so many ideas....

  8. Cindy, I'd love to shop your booth...So many lovely treasures to be found. I could probably just live there! Please stop by and enter my "Paris Monday's monthly giveaway or just say hi sometime! xo's Pam

  9. what a fun blog - beautiful linens!