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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Antique Booth items

What sells at an antique booth?  Now, that is what all of us, that have an antique booth want to know!
 It has been my experience in my area, that it depends on your booth location and the type of people in that area. 
At  The Victorian Journey there is such a variety of items.  I can't say that one item sells better than another.  However, some of the items I have sold have been china, especially rose patterns.  Rose oil paintings that are original and signed.  Merseman drum table in it's natural state (brown)  Linens, especially batten burg lace table clothes. The holidays are coming  so I will be stocking more linens.  I have sold Mussie Tussies that I made, so will be adding them through out the season.   Here are a few items I am collecting for my booth ...
 I hope you enjoy..... 

I partied at:
acreativeprincess /its-party-73

Sunday, September 23, 2012

For My Hearts Sake!

Some things may be to personal for a blog.  But, my heart wants everyone to know!  This is one of my best outlets. To tell a message. With out worry of who is getting the message.  I want to scream to the whole world.   I hope you do not mind taking this journey with me.

I am a young girl all of twenty one.  I have over heard,  that this man is always wanting my picture.  He is all of  forty three .  I am suspicious, I think I  know who he is.  I can't be sure just yet, then it happens.  He is contacted.  He comes by my grandmothers house.  He is my dad..... 
DID YOU HEAR THAT?..... DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD?........ He has another family.  They know of me, but do not know about me. I am to remain quiet about it. Shhhh..... The wife has a baby also.  She is ten months older than me.  They also have a son two years later.  I am sad, but understand. I go along.. Years go by, many events in life pass by.  I am still quiet. Shhhh.... The wife passes, and it is sad for his family.  I am so sorry. I know it is such a sad time.   My dad and I make contact again, it's now been eight long years since I seen him. He stop coming by even though we live in the same town.  I sent a card to him.  Last Sunday I see him for the first time in eight years..... I am elated..   He tells me the other two children do not know about this and he would like to keep it that way.   My heart sinks to my toes... He is seventy five though, he has just lost his wife of fifty five years........Shhhhhh. I CAN ONLY REMAIN QUIET....... this is as close as I can get.... he called me today, so glad to hear from him each time.  I am blessed to have him in my life, but I wish I didn't have to remain silent.....

With all my heart.... I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bird houses & Hydrangea Wreath..

These birdhouses found at yard sales through the years.  This one was picked up recently the bird was missing feathers on its head.  I had a clip with feathers on it and it became it's new  head piece.  The birdcage wouldn't close so the remainder of the clip went to hold the door shut.   The dust still needed to be wiped off in this pic.. 

 This cute hummingbird was attached to this birdhouse.  It also had a huge bow on top but, it looks better without it.

 I just love this birdcage.  The birds are attached to the floral.  I added in a painting of roses in the background.
If you squint and study this hydrangea wreath, on my front porch you will  see the tiny birdhouse hanging on it.   The birds seem to like it to as, they come on the porch and take out my hydrangea pieces.

This is a project that was drying at the time from paint just being added.   I just fell in love with the simplicity of the the little country bird feeder.  The chain had pulled out of the wood and had to be re-inserted.  After a new coat of paint, its ready for hanging.  Hope you Enjoyed!  Cindy

Monday, September 10, 2012

How to turn off your Word Verification on your Blog

Okay so it happened again today... I went to a blog I wrote a comment, word verification on.  I tried to put the verification in four times.. Ended up not able to leave a comment... So decided, I would put this on my blog to let those know.. what is happening...

Lately, I have went to some blogs, found that they have word verification  on.  Now it is a personal choice of course..
 I am a newer blogger myself, one of the girls from a blog that has many years experience in the blog world.  Told me, you might want to turn off your word verification as when people go to leave comments with word verification on, they type in the wrong letters, they quit, move on, Not leaving a comment at all.   Why?    Because it is frustrating......
  When I go to a blog and they have word verification on I usually say nothing. 
 Of late, when I have went to blogs, they have word verification on, I have had to put in the verification letters Over and Over again.  Sometimes even then, I have not been  successful in leaving a comment.  No matter how many times I put in the letters I think correctly it still will not let me leave a comment...  So for all those who would like turn off your word verification but does not know how... Here we go....

Step 1...... Go to design or your dashboard....       
        2....    Go to Settings
        3....    Go to Post/ comments
        4....    Scroll down to where it says Show word verification  if it says yes..... Choose NO....
                  your word verification is now OFF... and no more frustration when trying to leave comments.
                     Now you will have lots of comments hopefully. 

 How easy is that?   I wish you all the great comments you hope for on your blog...     

Hugs to all ... Cindy

Sunday, September 2, 2012

What to do with odd napkins?

How many times have you come across a miss matched, two or three napkins and passed on them?    I have passed many times until now.  I am finding so many uses for those odd napkins.   I got out my ruffle attachment.  I took two white napkins and made this bag above.   The flower was also, fun to make just making a round disk and then sewing in different directions to make them look somewhat like petals.  Adding a bead in the middle.  They're a bit rough looking but, that is what I like the most about them.  The straps, ruffles and flower are all made out of muslin.  The pocket on the bag is also made out of a lace napkin that was cut in half.   I hope you enjoy!   Cindy

       The canvas bag was purchased and embellished with graphics from The Graphics Fairy.
These Batten burg Valances were not long enough to reach across the window so I sewed together two white lace Batten burg napkins and made an extension then added the flower for embellishment.
This office chair was gray and boring. I took muslin and made a cover for it. 
Added napkins with lace in the middle and also wrapped napkins on the arms.  
You can still see the gray that the chair is under the cover.

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