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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Breeze

This is my yard I have worked on for many years.  My motto is for every window I look out of there should be something beautiful to look at.  This is the view from my front porch but also from my dining room window.  I hope you enjoy!    Cindy


 This rose bush was a gift from my daughter.  The rose is so beautiful and has the most unique smell. I see this beauty when doing laundry in my sun/craft/laundry room.

This is the view in my front yard and this statue I just love.  My view from my living room.  
                                                My Birdhouse my husband  made for me.
                     The next four pictures are on my side yard I see while looking out my kitchen.

               The above statue and this wild rose that blooms once a year are the view in my back yard.

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  1. Very pretty! Having something pretty to look at outside is like having additional my opinion. My outside living space is almost as important as the inside to me!

  2. Your garden is gorgeous! It's so welcoming and pretty!

  3. Your wild rose is absolutely beautiful! The statue in the hosta's is stunning, I love her. I have been looking for one and wish I could find something like what you have! Hugs, Penny

  4. Beautiful yards!! I love the lady statue, I have just found a couple of places where I can buy things I really want for my garden. You have really inspired me to do more:)

  5. Where have you been hiding your yard? It's very LOVELY, PEACEFUL and INVITING! The lady statue is BEAUTIFUL! I love her! Lots of green...and the ROSE bushes are blooming so pretty! Would like to see more in the SPRING!! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

  6. Cindy, you have a delightful view from every window and that is so important! I especially love your roses! Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea.


  7. would love to have one of your gardening posts for Wednesday's Tea In The Garden! I enjoyed my visit here - welcome to blogging!