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Monday, July 9, 2012

Antique Booth Crafts and Remakes

Did I tell you that I am a new crafter.  I have always stood back and admired other peoples abilities.  I decided to start crafting in February of this year.  I also opened an antique booth for the first time.  Really, that is how all this got started.  I thought about opening an antique booth for years! One day  I walked in to an antique mall.  Asked for the Information, then opened the booth. I had my booth stocked with in a week end.  I have seen some beautiful antique booths from blogs. I admire them so much.  Did I wait and make mine pretty and fix it all up.  No, I didn't.  I wish I had but, really the antique mall I am located in does not cater to that kind of crowd.  I do enjoy all that my antique booth produces.  The hunt for treasures to resale. The crafting of objects, some shabby chic, some made new from old.  To polish and shine and press and iron.  You really never know what object will be hot this month or which object will remain for awhile.  It's a hit or miss.  Crafting has been so much fun.  These item's I have transformed will go into my booth. 
                                                                    Original basket
                           I painted it with white acrylic paint.  Re-covered the top with Lace.

The basket top is made from left over lace from an old stained table cloth.  The flowers made out of strips of napkins. The bling around the big flower on the basket was from an old plastic bet buckle.  It had leaves on it but it hid the bling so the leaves  had to go. I am all about the bling.  You will see it in the last frame.

This bottle is the first bottle I have ever did.   At first I had a teal tassel around it.  I decided it was not right. 

Ripped it off and just left the lace, tulle and some beaded flowers I made. Here is the completed crafts. 

 I hope you Enjoy!  Cindy 


  1. A first time crafter??? Not too bad Cindy!!


  2. GREAT MAKEOVERS my friend. Loved reading how you go into the biz. I started by doing a craft show years and years ago with my big sister, Linda. The rest is history! :)

    Blessings as you create!


  3. These are great transformations! Love the bottles especially!
    thanks so much for visiting my Craft room and for our kind remarks!!


  4. Love these projects--so girly pretty. Pretty makes the world a better place in my opinion!

  5. Cindy, these are beautiful. You have a sweet style and lots of fun ideas here. I've been looking over your posts and having a great time doing so. Thanks so much for stopping over at Quirky Vistas and taking the time to comment. It is much appreciated. It's always fun finding new blog friends. I'm your newest follower and I hope you'll stop back by and follow as well if you like.

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