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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Whole Project

Hello Friends,
I am so thankful for your kind comments and friendships.  To be able to share and enjoy each other kindness, crafts, and information.  In such a  sweet environment, it is great to be in good company!  Thank you to all!
Completed sewed all the holes

I still see a hole in this picture! Well, out with the needle..

Scalloped edge

Before the repair lots of work to do.

Now this was a mess before the repair but lots better now.

This was the above area..  Not to bad for a non sewing girl..
Well my project was unexpected as most projects just come to us.  I went to a church sale.  I just love church sales.  They are usually very reasonable, and such variety.  This one was just so full of old things.  They had Not listed their sale on Craigslist or the news press so we just stumbled upon it.
 I always say, " Hey we have a bonus!"  (not on our list.)
I picked up several things, this crotchet bedspread was one of them.  I couldn't find a price on it.  The lady running the sale said how about two dollars.  Um mm... Yeah!  I didn't think there was much wrong with it, other than some staining.  I decided to bring it home and was so excited.
 I tried several things to get the stain out.  I couldn't wash it by hand as the spread was heavy before being wet.  So I used my wash machine, last resort placed some bleach in the machine and let it soak a bit.  Yes, the thread was thin in some places and you guessed it. After getting it out of the wash, and having to have the machine spin it.  The material in certain area's was worse than ever.. But, the stain was gone! So when dry I began the tedious task of repairing the bedspread. From the bottom to the side, top to bottom.  Now, did I mention, I am Not really that good at sewing? I do know how to crotchet but, not nothing like this, it has been years.  Okay.. well back to the story..   I worked at it  for two weeks each day checking, fixing, checking top to bottom, side to side.
The results, I do not think, it would pass someone inspection that does crotchet or sews well.
  I am as happy with the result as I can be.   I was going to place it in my booth but I just can not part with it.   I hope you enjoy! Cindy


  1. Beautiful!
    TTFN ~
    Have a lovely eve ~

    PS you don't need bleach to remove stains ... just add a packet of Arm & Hammer w.Oxy Clean, a packet of Tide, a packet of Biz ... I am able to remove 60+ year old stains with this combo. I also use the Biz gel on the spot to insure direct stain contact.

  2. Absolutely a BEAUTIFUL CROTCHET BEDSPREAD~and its so pretty on your bed! Don't you just LOVE those unexpected sales?? They make my day! From one sweetie to another...Roxie

  3. I am SO PROUD OF YOU! When I think of all the time and love some sweet, sweet lady spent making that coverlet and to THINK it was sold for $2. NOW...The VERY HAPPY ENDING is "It's Loved once more" and that is "PRICELESS"!!! Sometimes I will use a bed covering as a table topper so I can MAYBE disguise a bad blemish with a scarf or topper, or TEAPOT if necessary. but even on a bed and blemish is a "Beauty Mark"!
    I LOVE IT!
    Hugs to you,

  4. Your spread is gorgeous! What a wonderful find and the price was so right. It looks pretty on your bed.


  5. Hi Cindy, Your crochet bedspread is beautiful after your repairs! What a great find for practically nothing.
    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments, Mary Alice

  6. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous spread! You did a fantastic job int repairing it. I wouldn't be able to part with it either.

  7. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! And repaired and brought back to life by you patient hands! An undertaking I would not have even considered. Thank you for sharing this at the party 💜

  8. I love the bedspread and had rather patch a few holes than have a stain and I can't see one:) You did great on that buy. I can't wait to move to the beach Sunday for the summer and go yard and thrift store selling that just tickles me to find a deal. I think you got the deal of the day:)

  9. The bedspread is lovely!! So glad you're keeping it!


  10. What a gorgeous find!! Wow, $2 I would have snapped it up too. Just think, even though you did all of those repairs, imagine how long it took to crochet! Beautiful, I do the same thing, when I am about ready to give up I add bleach. A little trick I use is to just spot spray with the kitchen counter cleaners that contain bleach.


  11. You did a wonderful repair on a beautiful bedspread.

  12. Wow, that is beautiful. Such a lovely spread, and a good save, too! :)

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