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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nature Smiles upon us like Angels from Heaven

 One of my favorite things is to look at the clouds.  When in Florida I enjoyed seeing the big puffy clouds that looks like cotton candy.   This is from my home in Tennessee as the sun was setting.
 I loved the colors, the shapes of the clouds it brings smiles. It calms me each time I look at them.
 When I noticed this cloud it reminded me of my childhood.
How I would look at the clouds as children do and  I would make shapes out of them.  This reminds me of an angel blowing a horn.
 The color of Summer the Day Lilies Tennessee Orange.  Some of these grow wild in the ditches here.

 I placed them along my fence line to prevent having to weed eat the fence.  It has saved a lot of time and it gives a splash of color in the summer.  The Crepe Myrtle trees, mimosa trees, hydrangea's  and day lilies are some of the last to bloom for the summer. 
One of the bird baths in my yard the birds appreciate.
 This is a Joseph Coat Rose... it  turns orange, then yellow and ends fushia.. see below the same rose.
                                    One of the most beautiful of the summer the hydrangea..
Hope you Enjoy!    Cindy


  1. The hydrangea is so pretty, I need to plan one! Hugs, Lynn

  2. your rose that changes 3 colors is so cool--i'll have to look for one of them:) beautiful garden pics, cindy!

  3. Hello Cindy! I LOVE that FLOWER SIGN in your Garden! Is that new or bought recently? Love to have one of those! and looking at your cloud pictures brings back many a little girl with friends looking up and seeing what we see! How sweet! From one sweetie to another....Roxie

  4. The cloud pictures are so pretty! I love your beautiful flowers.


  5. I also looked at clouds and would think they looked like animals. I love the Angel cloud, it reminds me of Mama who died in Aug, thanks for sharing:-) Really love your birdbath.