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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nature Smiles upon us like Angels from Heaven

 One of my favorite things is to look at the clouds.  When in Florida I enjoyed seeing the big puffy clouds that looks like cotton candy.   This is from my home in Tennessee as the sun was setting.
 I loved the colors, the shapes of the clouds it brings smiles. It calms me each time I look at them.
 When I noticed this cloud it reminded me of my childhood.
How I would look at the clouds as children do and  I would make shapes out of them.  This reminds me of an angel blowing a horn.
 The color of Summer the Day Lilies Tennessee Orange.  Some of these grow wild in the ditches here.

 I placed them along my fence line to prevent having to weed eat the fence.  It has saved a lot of time and it gives a splash of color in the summer.  The Crepe Myrtle trees, mimosa trees, hydrangea's  and day lilies are some of the last to bloom for the summer. 
One of the bird baths in my yard the birds appreciate.
 This is a Joseph Coat Rose... it  turns orange, then yellow and ends fushia.. see below the same rose.
                                    One of the most beautiful of the summer the hydrangea..
Hope you Enjoy!    Cindy

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hodge Podge

Hodge Podge?
Thesaurus:  Hodge Podge, jumble, mixture, medley, mass, assortment, mishmash… so yes to all of the above!
Some items from a recent tag sale, the hat box and hats, some items crafted, graphics from:
The graphics fairy.   Inspiration for bag see The polka dot closet.
 Romantic country magazines, just inspiration. Hope you enjoy!  Cindy  
Items I purchased at a tag sale. 

Possible Pillow?

or bag?

Feather Hat... Had to glue on the loose ones..

  Estate sale find

Before and After

Hodge Podge

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Memories!

Happy Father’s Day!   A Gut wrenching good bye… It is written at a time of raw emotion.  It is a reminder of how short our life is, how it slips by even when we feel we are justified to be estranged, it is sometimes too late to make it right.  This is my story…
 Please forgive my grief.

Paul Raymond Starr

The day I heard of your passing I wrote a poem.  It portrays my hope for the future and my grief and sorrow of today.

Somewhere out there is a little girl  smiling at her Father.  As the sun rises, so does her hopes that she will grow to have her mother and father with her, all the years to come.
Today the sun stopped shinning.   The clouds turned black,  it began to rain.  First a mist,  then a sprinkle, and now the storm has come full fury. 
The rain is pouring.  The clouds are black!  Strobes of light are flashing.  Bolts of lightning, one right after another, the roaring of the thunder is deafening to my ears.  
 My eyes are closed, I cannot face the storm.  The wind is whipping and rocking and swaying and I am floating in a whirl wind of discomfort.  What has happened to my world?  I want to look out with happiness, but can't.   I want to return to the sun, but can’t.  I want to have peace and comfort of knowing my world, and the love of my life, and my family is intact, but I can’t.
I feel the flood of rain on my face, first a mist, then a sprinkle and now the storm with it fury are all about me.  My heart is broken, my life is not the same, nor will it ever be.  The little girl is here again, she longs to run up to the door, with glowing heart and be surrounded by her hero.  Today the little girl is here again, today the clouds are black, today my life has changed, but somewhere is a little girl smiling at her father and the sun is shining bright and her heart is joyful. May all her days be blessed. 

My Dad, the only one I knew.  Raised me and loved me. Our love was silenced years before you left me that July.  My heart never left, it loves you today as always, and will carry you with me for all my days.  My memories are mine.  My Step-Dad the only Dad I knew.  You are loved and missed… 
Thank you for sharing my Father's Day to my Dad..
Happy Father’s Day to all…..   Cindy

Crafty Charm Tutorial

Here is the my newest bracelet, necklace charm or key chain charm.   This was made from Sculpey Polymer clay.   I softened the Polymer clay, then took a cookie cutter and made different shapes.  Two of the shapes I used a Christmas hook, the kind you use for hanging your ornaments. One of the charms I used part of a large paper clip to make the hook.  You then push it into the polymer clay, bake for about 20 to 25 minutes on 200-250 depending on your oven.  When cool ( mine was a bit warm still ) you print a picture you want to use, I printed mine on a  ink jet printer. Adjust the size to fit on the charm.   You then cut it out to fit, add Mod Podge to the charm.  Turn picture face down onto the Mod Podge.  I also added Mod podge to the back of the picture but it made it more difficult to come off.  I waited till the next day to try to remove the picture from the charm. I then ran it under water and rubbed the paper off.  It then left this picture on the charm.   This is still wet with a final coat of Mod Podge after it has been completed.   I guess you could also just Mod Modge it on like decoupage and it may work just as well? (Did not try that way.)  I plan to give this to my friend that is in the picture with her family.
Hope you Enjoy!  Cindy

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Whole Project

Hello Friends,
I am so thankful for your kind comments and friendships.  To be able to share and enjoy each other kindness, crafts, and information.  In such a  sweet environment, it is great to be in good company!  Thank you to all!
Completed sewed all the holes

I still see a hole in this picture! Well, out with the needle..

Scalloped edge

Before the repair lots of work to do.

Now this was a mess before the repair but lots better now.

This was the above area..  Not to bad for a non sewing girl..
Well my project was unexpected as most projects just come to us.  I went to a church sale.  I just love church sales.  They are usually very reasonable, and such variety.  This one was just so full of old things.  They had Not listed their sale on Craigslist or the news press so we just stumbled upon it.
 I always say, " Hey we have a bonus!"  (not on our list.)
I picked up several things, this crotchet bedspread was one of them.  I couldn't find a price on it.  The lady running the sale said how about two dollars.  Um mm... Yeah!  I didn't think there was much wrong with it, other than some staining.  I decided to bring it home and was so excited.
 I tried several things to get the stain out.  I couldn't wash it by hand as the spread was heavy before being wet.  So I used my wash machine, last resort placed some bleach in the machine and let it soak a bit.  Yes, the thread was thin in some places and you guessed it. After getting it out of the wash, and having to have the machine spin it.  The material in certain area's was worse than ever.. But, the stain was gone! So when dry I began the tedious task of repairing the bedspread. From the bottom to the side, top to bottom.  Now, did I mention, I am Not really that good at sewing? I do know how to crotchet but, not nothing like this, it has been years.  Okay.. well back to the story..   I worked at it  for two weeks each day checking, fixing, checking top to bottom, side to side.
The results, I do not think, it would pass someone inspection that does crotchet or sews well.
  I am as happy with the result as I can be.   I was going to place it in my booth but I just can not part with it.   I hope you enjoy! Cindy

Saturday, June 9, 2012

You can't step away from the Bowl Pasta!

I call this step away from the bowl pasta..Due to not being able to step away from the bowl.!
This is how it looks when your finished..
This is called Roasted vegetables with pasta you can change this recipe with different vegetables or adding meat.  It is very versatile.  It is very simple, but it is very delicious. Thanks Sharon for teaching it to me.

You will need:
1 Onion sliced (more if you like) (Picture not shown)
2 or 3 cloves of garlic
1 lb. Bow tie Pasta
1 or 2 Red, Yellow, Or Orange Peppers( I like at least two in mine)
Cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes or any tomatoes will work for Roasting.  (These are just normal vine ripe tomatoes I quartered.
1 cup of shredded Parmesan cheese (You can shred or buy already shred Parmesan.
1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese (optional, you can just use the shredded only if you like)
Olive oil
In a sauce pan on top of stove, add 1tsp. olive oil add sliced onions and separate slices. Cook slow Low to med heat. 
Chop garlic into small pieces and add to onions. Add small amount of salt.  Caramelize onions.
Roast Peppers and tomatoes after coating in olive oil, sprinkle with salt.  Place in oven on 500 for approximately 25 minutes.. Ovens vary.. Be sure to watch to prevent burning.  When your tomatoes are turning a bit or if you used cherry tomatoes roast until they begin to pop.  Peppers should have some char on them but not to much.
Boil Pasta according to pkg. directions.  Add salt to boiling water
Drain pasta and add 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese.  Add Caramelized onions and garlic, sprinkle with a bit of cheese, Add remaining roasted vegetables, Add remaining amount of Parmesan cheese.  Mix a bit and enjoy!

I put the onions, garlic in the pasta, after caramelized.

This is the shredded Parmesan cheese I used but any brand will work.

Roasted Vegetables with olive oil and a dash of salt.
Hope you Enjoy!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Curio, Crystal and Chocolate Pots

My curio is a thrift find from many years ago.
 My friend and I walked around the thrift store looking at all the possibility's to bring home!  We had been out and about all day to different antique stores. We always started early in the morning, this day was no different.  It was now approaching evening, when we stopped at the final destination for shopping. 
This thrift store at the time stayed open till nine pm.  We were exhausted from all the shopping. As my friend sat in one the chairs talking about how tired she was.  "I said," Isn't that a curio?
 How could we not have noticed it right away?  We was just too exhausted I guess. The price was 200.00 on the tag.   My friend then tells me that it is half price on furniture today! What?  Get out of here! Are you kidding me?
No, "she said",  It is half price on furniture. So, we loaded it up in her Nissan Path finder.  We had smiles on our faces all the way home. I got a curio at a great price!  She holds some of my favorite things.
Fond Memories!

Each time I look at the chocolate pots I remember where they came from and it brings smiles along with fond memories.  The crystal cordials are from my mom.  The bowl above with roses are from Arcadia, Florida Antique Store.   The pink chocolate pot vintage came from the same area of Arcadia, Florida.
There are to many places and to many memories, each piece a special place in my heart of time spent with family or friends.
The curio is curved. You can't see it in this picture but it has bubble glass on each side.  Hope you Enjoy! Cindy