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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shabby Chic Flower Making

 I made a round disk with a muslin like fabric, added a cardboard center I cut from a heavy duty envelope. Then added another disk of muslin like fabric over the back and  I glued them together.  I then took strips about 2" wide (maybe a little less didn't really measure) with needle and thread started sewing the fabric to the disk in all kinds of directions until it began to look more and more like a flower then sewed a cute button in the middle.  I added some starch, sprayed the flower, then with paint brush ends I stuck in the loops to  make them stand up a bit more.  I turned over the flower on the back and added  strips of muslin like material  with a couple of faux pearl strands. 

After, the first one, I decided to try other ways to make flowers.  I began with the same kind of round disks made out of the same muslin fabric, then began to make loops making a row of loops all the way around the disk I hot glued all items on this flower, then added a second row of loops a bit shorter. I added lace in between the layers of loops.   I then rolled the fabric strips to make a rolled rose and hot glued it to the center.  On the back of the flower I again embellished it, this time with a button and some lace.    The Third flower is the same except more lace added and a smaller rose in the center. You can embellish anyway you like.
The middle one is sewn the other two are made with hot glue.
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Hope you Enjoy!       Cindy


  1. I LOVE your flowers, especially the ones with the pearls! They are sooo pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower, Mary Alice

  2. Cindy, Thank you for sharing!! The tips on how to make these are much appreciated! I will be trying to make a few this weekend! I am think, maybe red, white and blue for the holiday!
    Best chris

  3. These are so beautiful!! I would pin one on a tweed jacket for adornment. Fabulous!


  4. Those are so pretty! I love lace and pearls.

  5. Very elegant - I can see these hanging over a mirror. I could not stop reading your posts so I continued with the frame redo and the black rose. Very creative!
    Came over from Shabby Creek.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  6. Hi Cindy...what a wonderful craft...I love these shabby home made roses! I think I need to look for some vintage lace etc next month when the flea market is on. Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful long weekend!
    Maura :)

  7. Wow, you are the flower queen! Great job, I love to know a variety of different methods for different projects and looks!


  8. Those flowers are gorgeous! Well done.

  9. Super fabulous my friend. LOVE THOSE BLOOMS!