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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Romantic Treasures

While out this weekend I  found some romantic treasures.  You will find them at my antique booth in Jefferson City, TN if you would like to drop by the Farmers Antique Mall @ 839 W. A.J. Highway.
  I am always pleased when I find linens, these were a great surprise.   I think the dress form with the vintage jewelry is my personal favorite.  Vintage hats are always welcome! This vintage black hat with the felt flower was like that when I got it.  I added the decorative tulle and see that white beaded flower I made that with my hot glue gun and faux pearl beads. I will show this tutorial in a future post.

 I hope you enjoy!  Cindy
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  1. What great treasures you have found!! Have a great Sunday!


  2. Looks like you had a great Saturday hunting! Love the hats!!


  3. Great finds! I can't help but mention that I spotted your shelf of headvases in the background! I am a collector too.

  4. Hello!
    I'm your newest follower :)
    I just love your new finds for your booth, I love vintage linens and those are just beautiful! Thank You for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  5. Such great finds! I love the linens for sure and then the hats! Oh what stories they could tell! I just gotta say, I want to tour your home lol!! Thank you for sharing at the party this week!

  6. What a beautiful home you have and such a wonderful collection of antiques. I love how you have displayed them! Thanks for stopping by with your lovely comment! New Follower.


  7. Oh the linen was a great find!! Those pillow cases are fabulous. Linen pays my rent in my booth, I sell a ton of it...If only there was a vintage linen store for me to buy it at, I always keep my eyes open. The hat, another great seller, you fancied it up perfect!


  8. Love the Linens that was a great find. Going to browse your blog now, Hugs Lynn

  9. I am a new blogger too! I love vintage pillow cases and yours are wonderful! I am a new follower of your blog, please come see mine and follow if you like it! Penny

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