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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Twin mirror's from a dresser I assume.  

I have seen these in my local thrift store as singles for 24.95 to 35.95.  I brought these two home for one dollar.
So what to do?  Chalk boards?  Hinge them together to make a unique divider after building a stand? After brain storming and getting Mr. M involved.  I would just clean them up! "he says." "I am thinking"  Mr. M doesn't want to build a stand! 
 Okay! Maybe a door mirror.. Perfect!  So One for the Antique booth in beautiful cleaned up brown and maybe the other one will just stay home with me. 
The white one I painted a semi-gloss white from Valspar.  Put it all back together. Then added a wire holder attached with screws to the back. 
What a world of difference.  Hope you enjoy!  Cindy


  1. What a bargain, Cindy. They are awesome.
    TTFN ~
    Happy Mother's Day ~

    ~GIVEAWAY end 5/13~

  2. These are fabulous and such a great price. Thanks for sharing your treasures. I am your newest follower. i hope you come and visit and follow along. Happy Mother's Day...Linda

  3. That mirror looks great in its new coat of paint. Much nicer than my ordinary over the closet door plain mirror, if I do say so. You also got a great bargain for it.