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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Matching Vanity Chair

This is a sweet little chair I found at a thrift store price 8.99.  I have been looking for a small chair to go in front of my vanity.  
This was the version I picked up from the store.  The leg had tape on it. The back of the chair had duck tape holding on the material.  It wasn't enough fabric to do the whole chair so they just taped it.. Huh? Okay.. 
  I did like the color of the fabric they used as it matched my valance and pillows on my bed.
  I removed the duct tape. I  should of left it on so you could laugh with me! 
  I removed the original fabric, washed it and re-used it.  I also had some fabric that matched my valance for this room. Then made a ruffle for  the bottom of the seat.  I repainted the chair to gold as the gold was pitted on the chair. 
            My valance with the same material that I used for the ruffle of the chair.  

 My new little chair for  my vanity is completed.   Hope you enjoy seeing the before and after!

I am off to garage sales tomorrow.  Wish me luck,  I will bring something spectacular home.  Okay at least blog worthy!
 Hope you Enjoyed your stay here. 

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  1. I love this!! And I love vanity chairs!! Nicely done!