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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Making Old Frames New

After embellishment, caulk and spray paint
Plaster pottery, Sculpey polymer clay, E-6000 glue, talc, caulk, spray paint

Polymer clay pressed on another frame to make mold

Completed frames the middle one is the frame I used for the mold.

Before the make over.

I pressed  polymer clay over the damaged area of the frame to cover the damage. Placed the frame out in the sun for a couple of hours to set.  I then spray painted with Rust-oleum off white.

To embellish the frames I took Sculpey polymer clay to make a mold. Then I used talc powder, sprinkled it on the area of the frame I was using for the mold detail.  Then I pressed the polymer clay to the detail to make a mold.
 After making your mold, you mix pottery plaster with water (follow directions on container of the pottery plaster) make a small amount to make a pancake like mix.  Pour into mold. 
 Once it has set, about thirty minutes. You take it out of the mold.
 Lay the newly made piece out on the frame.  You will need to clean up your pottery piece.  You can do this with a Dremel or I clipped the excess plaster off with scissors.  I then used a piece of sand paper to smooth around the edges.
 I affixed the embellishments to the frames with E-6000 glue.  After it set I applied caulk around the edges of the embellishment to give it a finished complete look. 
I took the frames out and sprayed them with Rust-o-leum off white spray paint again, to include the new embellished area. I conclude this frame update with a graphic from The Graphics Fairy printed the on HP. Iron on T-Shirt Transfer and framed the graphic in the new frame.
This idea was based on information I learned from The polka dot closet.  Her blog has many tutorials and great ideas.  Hope you Enjoy!   Cindy                                                                  
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  1. Serena here, from Thrift Diving!

    I like this post, because frames are one of the easiest things to make-over, and the cheapest, especially if you get them from the thrift store or yard sale (or even better--FREE from your own home!). I've got a couple frames that I am making over that I got from the thrift store, and I can't wait to review them on my blog! :)

    Thrift Diving

  2. Cindy, I think little framed pictures are so cute. I liked the make-over. Thank you for you kind words to me. I think I really needed them. Smiles, Susie

  3. This is spectacular!! You would never even guess what they looked like BEFORE! Thanks for the tutorial!