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Monday, April 2, 2012

Sweet little mirror tray

Here is a simple little tray mirror that hangs on the wall or it can be used for a tray.   This was painted with grapes it was a dreary yellow, when I got it.  I took Rust-oleum satin black spray paint with my new Rust-oleum Comfort Grip spray nozzle.  The Rust-oleum grip did relieve my finger fatigue, thank goodness.  I distressed it a bit with a light grit sandpaper. Oh the fun of crafts.  I plan to add this to my collection in my antique booth.
I then borrowed the idea from The Polka dot closet of free flowers see her blog for the instructions.  Added my little free flower leaving it to it's natural state of color and glued it on with E-6000 glue.  I did clean the mirror when finished.. oops a bit dusty for the picture.
Hope you have a great day,

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  1. Cute tray! Love that you used the free flowers!! The link to my post is not working in your post, Of course I don't care, but in case your readers wonder what your talking about LOL! How sweet of you to mention me!!


  2. Thanks Carol.. I did get your link to work... So sorry...

    Have a great one,