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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh My Estate Sale Find

Good Day Everyone! 
 Today I went to an estate sale.  They had such reasonable prices.  A large round antique coffee table for $3.00 UN-heard of.   
A whole set of vintage coffee tables three of them for $ 5.00 are you kidding me. I know!   Now don't be getting all jealous.  Until you hear that I also found a Robert Cox  oil painting.  Okay, this was a thrift store find.

Robert Cox Oil painting  signed 
End tables legs removed
Coffee table and all the legs to all three tables
Round coffee table with wheels

As you can see no paint no renew.  I only used Old English scratch cover on the tables.   

 One, due to the items being veneer.  Second, Our clientele at my antique booth located at Farm House Antiques, love brown.  As in brown furniture not painted.  Some things I paint due to the condition and some I paint BECAUSE I love re-doing and seeing the update on the item.  Well here are my pic's hope you enjoy!   I have other projects to do so catch you soon. 



  1. I love your Estate finds. I love to go to yard sales, thrift sales anywhere to find a buy. I just started a blog come on over and join me.

  2. Doesn't it make your day when you find such great items for an unbelievable price! I feel the same way about painting an item....depends on the item!