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Monday, April 16, 2012

Antique Booth Storage With a New Shelf

Good Day Friends,
Today I spent the day at my antique booth rearranging.  The vintage tables and large round table from the previous blog had to go in to the booth.  I am looking for room in my house to store things.  Putting it in the basement is out, as the stairs are steep also it is an UN-finished basement.   So I had these tables sitting in the dining room.  I couldn't take it another day to much clutter!
 My antique booth is packed but, I was determined to make room for these tables.  My friend went with me and between the two of us it was a success.  They say more hand makes less work.  Boy was I glad I had more hands especially today.    Well, small things make happy me.  Yea! my dining room is back in order.    
Later in the day after a few minutes of lounging, resting and thinking about my newest project it was time to get on it. A shelf that is super heavy will need toggle bolts to hold in the wall.  I  found some oops paint at Lowe's a gray putty color. I didn't notice it said exterior paint.  Does it matter?  More durability right?  Well, I  painted this color that I didn't think was all that exciting but, after getting it on the shelf I really love it.   I had some water slide paper I purchased online EBay.  Printed a graphic on it that I got from Graphics fairy. 
Placed this in the middle of the shelf.  I then painted pink roses around the top, then the edges. I  added a gloss polyurethane to protect the rose painting.    
After filling the holes and painting the roses

After gray putty paint and the water slide decal from Graphics Fairy and unfilled holes.. Huge holes.
Hope you enjoy!  


  1. I love thisI've seen so many people having drawing for items they've made so I've decided I'd join in on the fun:) All you have to do is go to the Tooth Fairy Pillow Picture and comment on which one you like. Wed. 25th I'll put everyone's name in who left a comment and if I pull your name out I'll let you know and get your address and sent it to you! I'll also put it up on my blog so everyone will know who won. Good luck!s!! I have something also.

  2. Thank you Cindy for visiting by blog! I can see you love PINK as well and painted furniture! Antique malls and thrifting....does the addiction ever end? No!!! Too much FUN! Glad I stopped by...will be checking back in soon.......From one sweetie to another...Roxie

  3. Oh, of course I love all things water slide! Great job! I have so ignored my booth getting ready to do a show, I can't wait to get in and do some rearranging


  4. I love it and I love your blog! Just started following you.

    Can't wait to see more posts.