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Friday, April 27, 2012

DIY Re-Do of a Breadbox

Hi Everyone, 

They had half price at the my favorite thrift store, I just love that!  I ended up purchasing this vintage bread box.  I was thinking that I might keep the box so decided I would re-paint it to match my kitchen.  I really liked the blue. My kitchen is an old country kitchen and my decor is pretty eclectic.
I have lemons, pasta, and chocolate as my theme in the kitchen.   I know it makes no since at all and my colors in the kitchen are blue, yellow with a splash of red. 
Some how with all the mix it just works.   Here is the bread box with the rose and country theme,   All tho, I love roses my kitchen is the one place I do not have roses.

Not to bad really...  Roses country theme. 

What I would of loved to do with this is make a mail caddy out of it.  I am just not good at carpentry.  Wish I was, but no.   So, I needed to find a graphic with lemons.  I did, at The Graphics Fairy.   I made some paint with the gray putty paint from Valspar I had on hand and mixed it with some blue paint that was also a mixed oops paint.  It gave it a blue tint.   I then used Carbon paper behind it and traced like a school girl.  I believe the flowers on this graphic may have been pansies but instead I made them hydrangea's. I painted the lemons and graphic with Acrylic paints by Folk Art.  Colors: Magenta, white, greens ivy, old leaf, moon yellow and lemon yellow. I sprayed the new paint with clear coat from a company called Tree house clear coat.  
Hope you Enjoy!  Cindy

Graphic from The Graphics Fairy, with carbon paper under it.

after removal of carbon paper it turned out pretty clear.

My final lemons and hydrangea bread box..

Thanks for looking hope you enjoy your stay here.   


  1. Great job! Come visit and learn of my give away.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Wow, you are very talented! I love the colors you picked and it turned out so well. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. It turned out beautifully! I know me, I would not have the patience (or your talent) to paint the colors in :-)

  4. wow - you are one crafty lady! I love how you show how to do what you do! Thanks so much for coming by my blog so i could follow you back! xoox