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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bring your hat please!

This hat is my newest addition to the recent crafts I have learned.  
I have never owned an old fashion wool hat.   I have enjoyed the process of making flowers from silky material, watching them curl up in the heat of the flame and sewing a button in the middle of all the fluff. 
 Be sure to visit The polka dot closet as she has a great tutorial on making flowers.  I added some tulle some black, some gray and purchased some feathers for the band. I hand stitched them all in place.  It was very rewarding to make the embellishments for the hat and see it all come together.  Hope you enjoy!
Have a great day!   Cindy


  1. Great job, I enlarged it to get a better look! Yep, making that one flower can be used for so many projects!! Thank you for the shout out that was so sweet! You have a great Easter!


  2. hi Cindy ... love the hat. Will check to see how the flower was made.Thanks for visiting Timeless Treasures and leaving such a nice comment. Hope you will visit again. Welcome to the fun of blogging. Joining you and linking up and will be back to visit more.
    Audrey Z.