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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beautiful Dreamer Music Box

A simple musical jewelery box that I found at a garage sale.  It had already been painted a mint green on top not that it shows green in this picture.  I thought it would be the perfect spot for some roses.  I also thought, that the knob that is showing was not the best.  So I began free hand painting some roses on top.  When I finished I decided to try my hand at a polymer clay knob.  I had read how to do this at the
where else,  The polka dot closet.
Again be sure to visit her blog as she has great tutorials and instructions.  Anyway, so I tried to make my polymer clay knob. 
 Opps, I made the knob and it works fine.  But truly, I need practice so I am showing this box with the knob I made, but ended up putting on the old one.  I will keep a hunt out for a better knob or get better at making them. Practice makes perfect.  I then sprayed the top of the box with Clear Acrylic gloss coating by  Tree House Studio's.   Hope you Enjoy!  Cindy


  1. Oh my gosh! What a lovely transformation! You did soooo good my friend and I totally love your style. Wow...I am smiling from ear to ear.

    Before I scoot I just have to say thank you for the sweet comment you left for me regarding my airport experience. I was left speechless by this troubled woman and in total shock. I honestly believe God closed my mouth. In my humanity I wanted to yell back at her but what good would that have done?

    Blessings to you my talented friend. xoRebecca

  2. I think you are way to hard on yourself!....It looks great and goes so well, your flowers are fabulous and have lots of depth. You know if you can't get the shape the way you like just mold the knobs in something like a candy mold. I think you did fabulous! thank you the the way to kind words!