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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Apple Metal Shelf

Well here is a blast from the past.  I found this at a thrift store and passed it up several times.  I kept looking at it and when I couldn't find anything else I picked up this metal shelf.  As you see it was painted black.  I hadn't noticed at the time the dent in the metal and when I did,  I thought well that is on the bottom and it will be easy to fix.  Well, No the dent isn't fixable.   In the picture,  I didn't realize till later it was up side down making the dent at the top.   Now what?
It is upside down, dent on the bottom.

After dent now on top.
I spray painted the unit white.  It took many coats.  The back part of the shelf has these plastic sliders. I had this apple wall paper boarder, so I applied it to the plastic pieces in the back of the shelf. Then slid them back into position.  The letters APPLE are magnets.   I think it turned out very cute, in spite of  that dent.  I will call the dent, charm or something like that.
 It is in my antique booth.  The Farm House Antiques Mall. Our customers love primitive antiques, roosters, and are all about the farm living.  This will fit right in with the vintage items. 


  1. Cindy that turned out adorable! Nice blog. I enjoyed my visit. Dee from My Painted Stuff