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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Good Morning to the blog world how fast time is flying by.  Already the end of January in this new year of 2016.   Well over the months I have come across a few finds I would like to share with you  and a few simple projects.
Any box right for you with your favorite fabric, chalk paint, and hot glue gun

chalk paint over cardboard cut from top of box

Fabric covering the box with hot glue

Final project for my Laundry room ..   
Fun find Chandelier
Cardboard wrapped with white contact paper then with lace

Rosette added to the above in the center with some bling.

Behind my rounded window to keep the Florida Sun out..

Monday, October 26, 2015

Things I love..

When going to yard sales in TN and going to yard sales in Fort Myers, FL huge difference. 
 In TN. people have all kinds of old items.  In Florida we live in a retirement community but people have already gotten rid of their old items to have a fresh seashell start.   Where the furniture is already white and the colors of blue, beige and sand are the normal.  Walnut, cherry and Mahogany I wouldn't say is unheard of .. But not the colors of choice. . I still go out a lot to yard sales but items are hard to come by. 
 Here is one  of my favorite item I found this week. 

The Pink shutter is the find of the week.. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Chandelier Shabby Chic Lamp Shades

Making Shabby into Chic you got to love it! I found these leather look ( vinyl) lamp shades at one of my favorite thrift stores (Habitat for Humanity) for 1 dollar each. Knowing, I would shabby them up to go on my bedroom chandelier. I started by grabbing the glue gun and lots of white materials, (Napkins.) I then and began tearing off the vinyl from the lampshades. I found some batten burg lace and made cut outs, also adding some bling stickers I hot glued my way into the look to match my current decor in my room. I hope you enjoy!

What a bargain!!

I love White Linens!

Hot Glue Gun at Work!

You have to make the backs pretty too!

Everything coming together now!

Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures... what a fun project this is!

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Painting Reverse Roses on Glass

I have dabbled for a few years now painting roses.  No expert, no formal training.. I just enjoy painting the roses.   My friend seen some of my work on a glass ceramic tureen and a table I had painted on.  She asked me would I paint roses on her glass plates for her upcoming Wedding Vow Ceremony in Jan.  I must say I was honored that she would ask me and yet intimidated. I had never painted on clear glass before nor have I reverse painted.  So I Googled painting on glass plates.  Mostly I seen less than wonderful work.  Mostly snowmen, and Christmas items.   A lot of painting on wine glasses.  I was a bit worried.  After practicing on some plates I bought at the thrift store.  I said yes, I will do it.   Although, I still wasn't certain about the job.  Since then I have managed to squeeze out 32 10" plates.. With about 28 to go..   This job couldn't have come at a better time.  As of recently June 10th I lost my brother (James E. Staley) to  heart disease.  It was devastating as all family loss is.  I needed this project to make it through.   I paint these roses from my heart to help me heal from my loss.. 
Hugs, Cindy
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Friday, May 8, 2015

Gargoyle Fountain

Finding this concrete creation I am calling a Gargoyle Fountain.  The item was purchased at an estate sale in Kodak, TN.  by my daughter. She had it at her Knoxville, TN house laying around un-hung in her yard for years.  She decided to move to Florida so she gave it to me.  Where as I hung it on my garage wall making it a fountain.  When we decided to move to Florida.  I was going to leave it for the new owners but, my daughter decided oh no she would like to have it.  So, on the moving truck it went.  This thing weights a lot!   Once it was at her house it laid around dormant not hung again.   So, once again my daughter decided she would bring it to me.  Now it adorns my wood fence wall no longer a fountain but a plant holder with its Purslane it looks stellar.  Nothing like keeping it in the family.

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gated Leg Table Artsy to Shabby Wood!

I found this gabled leg table at a yard sale.  It was there among other worn out pieces but, had been doused in four or five different colors of paint.  I loved it from first site even with all the rainbow of drippy paint colors. 
 I was reluctant to ask how much for it as it looked although different beautiful still.  I imagined underneath all that splendor of color that it was once a beautiful show stopper table that was probably Walnut.  I didn't need another table, nor did I have room for another table. This one folded and maybe I could manage a spot for just one more.  I could see that I would love for it to be walnut again.  So I reluctantly asked how much for the table.  "Ten Dollars the man replies.  " Oh my goodness I say, do not say Ten Dollars."  Well their it is, my story of my love of the table.  I brought her home and there she sat for weeks.  After Stripping her with Citrus Stripper for the top.  I decided that  to hand sand the detailed legs was going to be to much for me.  So, I painted her legs, and underbelly white.  I must say although, I thought she was walnut she had a sticker in her drawer that said solid Mahogany.   She is going to fit in with my other decor as soon as her fumes from the stain and poly settle.
Hope you enjoy!  

Before her Artsy Style

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