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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Is it Coming up Roses?

This year has been a bit different. I feel like I am still trying to get it all together.   My house is coming along after the move from one state to another.   My yard is getting there but, I haven't managed to get any roses planted in the yard.   I am looking forward to the planting of the roses sometime this year.  I have a lot of love for roses in the house decor too.  I haven't painted any pictures etc. in about a year.
 I had a tureen that I tried to sell many times on Ebay but with no luck.  I decided if I had to look at it, it might as well be roses.   I find painting roses to be relaxing.   It's nice to find out you still can after a year goes by when you haven't pick up a brush in all that time.   I guess it is like riding a bike.   
 I am a amateur painter, it took me years to just make the shape of the roses.. So now I make them for fun. Some turn out well others well, that is the best thing about Acrylic painting you can erase and start over if your not happy.    

Still needs to have a lacquer for sealing them to have that high gloss sealed shine.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Let the New Projects begin!

While out to Garage Sales this weekend I came across some new trophies for low prices.  These two mirrors were only $4 for the pair.              JACKPOT!!   Chi Ching!!!!
There was two table legs that were in a box with these two frames, they were very ornate so I boldly asked if they wanted to throw those in.  They did!   All for Four dollars!!!!   Oh don't be a hater yet!   You will see them later at the end of the post.
Well all will need some tweaking !!!!     My biggest project will be below. Yep!!  A Tilt top antique table.  At this angle not so bad.... But just wait...  For the bargain price of $5.00 I will show you why scroll down!
                                      This flip top table was a steal at 5.00 yep five dollars...  

                                                                             Oh Now you see! 
The top of table had a veneer you can see a few little pieces that are still stuck on it.  It was all bubbled up and they had painted on the top of it.  So no choice but to take off the veneer. In the Future I will  post what I will do with it.   You can see it is warped a bit!   Oh my and the leg is loose should I have left it?  I couldn't resist trying...
 What will I do with the legs.  Idea's are welcome I am thinking about making them part of a piece of old furniture like molding on a armour?  Or maybe shelf holders?   Any idea's????
  Well it will be a challenge but, isn't that where great idea's come from?


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Past and Present Paintings, Idea's, Crafts!

This mail box was designed by me, then put together and built by my Mr. Victorian Journey The bottom and top of the mailbox was from plant hangers I found at Kirkland very inexpensive.   I think it is graceful beauty.   I plan on making another design for our new house one of these days.

I wish I had painted the door on this house.  I never did!   The door is an old door from the fifties. A lot of houses in that era had these kind of doors. 
 The sun would shine in on us each evening. Then when people would come to the door the first thing they would do is look through the glass.  Opps... good thing we covered that up.
 The inserts are made out of cardboard cut into squares, covered with a cloth that matched my design with hot glue. I  then hot glued these Fragonard emblems on with tassels I added.  Back into the square glass they go.   It was a great solution to our problem of peepers.

Some of my items the day of my garage sale.  I still haven't unpacked everything since moving !  So do I own any of these still?  I really do not know.  Except for the one dark plate with the brilliant roses on it.  I sold that on eBay last week.   

Last some painting I completed.  I haven't painted in about a year now.  In time things will be normal and slow down and I will get back to painting again.

Well that is it my Hodgepodge of things I wanted to share.  I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Selling the Beauty of Things.

One of Many to be sold

Well the title of the story tells it all.   When we moved from TN to Florida  we had to downsize from an 1875 sq feet to a small 1275 sq. foot. home.  I donated a lot of items to Habitat for Humanity.  I had two yard sales but, Habitat For Humanity ended up with the over flow. They really made out as I got rid of (old Antique pictures, and other vintage antique items.)  I just had to much!  I brought with me items that I just loved. (So I thought) Now that I am here in Florida I found out that the items I brought are still to many. 
Over the years when you go to  yard sale and have an Antique Booth you acquire more things than say if you were  the average Joe.
So with 2014 that is what I have been doing. Peddling my goods on Ebay.  I have looked into some Flea Markets but there prices seem to be expensive.  Im sure if I had brought all my wears from TN instead of getting rid of them I would of had enough to fill two booths or more and still made out.
Currently listed on EBay Napco Lady Head
So I thought I would share some of the pictures of my wears.  Some already sold on Ebay some I still have.  If your interested of course by all means please go to EBay and look up Tealeaves 112.
To sell the Beauty I once loved brings me joy that I will pass on the love to some one else.

Currently listed on EBay

SOLD Pair of Shabby Chic Antique Frames
I hope you Enjoy!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good blog!
Another year is upon us. 
 Another Christmas is here!   What a difference a year makes...
Less than three one of our Angels

Last years tree no grandchildren only pictures on the tree to represent them so sad..
Now almost six we have no tree but everything we need this year!
Another Angel for Christmas this year we are so blessed..

 We are expecting a new Little one in June we are so tickled...

Thank you blog world for all the times you stopped by.  We are so blessed this year!  I am wishing this Christmas all your wishes come true.  Hugs from our family to yours, 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Amazing Florida

When living in Florida some 12 years ago we lived on a four acres of land and saw so much wild life.  
 We had an small alligator in the ditch... I know right!   A bob cat go across the back of our property.  An otter my dog went after and thank goodness both survived with out battle scars.   All kind of  snakes... one time my husband and I was sitting on the open back porch when as usual we heard a toad croaking but this one was bit louder right under my husbands chair.  My husband moved just in time as a rattle snake struck the toad.  Sad for the toad but thank goodness it wasn't my husband it hit.  

We recently moved back to Florida no longer on four acres but in a rural neighborhood near the canal.  I told my husband I had seen a large white bird with black wings and had never seen that before while we went through the everglades to visit my daughter.   This morning while looking out my patio glass, I saw ten large white birds with huge beaks who stood tall and one white egret with them.  What a wonderful sight.  I just looked them up and they are Wood Storks.   I had seen grey storks as a family of them visited me before when I had lived here.  Such an amazing place Florida is.  You never know what your going to come across.  The pictures are not the best but, I  hope it captures my piece of nature I enjoyed this morning. 

Hugs, Cindy