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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bedroom Update Red to Shabby Chic White

Added a new small chandelier
New Lampshade out of Embroidered Napkin

Painted the walnut Frame with Lady Pompadour

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Front Yard Landscape Project

A Work in progress... Next add some grass seed for the lawn.
Flax Lilly, Lirope grass, Lavender Rose, Purple Passion plant

Shore Juniper and Lirope

Camellia, Lirope, Trailing Petunias

Hugs, Cindy

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sunshine Porch Paver Project

From This Old House.... the correct way to lay Pavers

I guess you realize I do not have a Lanai!  Yep... it's true living in Florida, no pool, no lanai.  It is on the agenda in the future to have a professional company come and make that happen. Well, at least the lanai anyway.  For now, I will be doing this heavy unconventional patio pavers to make an area for sitting and enjoying the outside.   Oh your suppose to lay down sand, then smooth that out and make it level.   Next compact the soil, then lay your pavers. Last step pour on more sand on the top and broom in.

 Did I do it that way?   Well No... does that mean it isn't perfect and level.  Yes, that is what that means for sure.   This is a temporary solution until I can call in the professionals so.
 I smoothed out the ground after removing the grassy area.   (We live in Florida so mostly the ground is sand anyway!  Right?.)  Next, I  laid the pavers and that was that.
I  Put up my pop up topper for some well needed shade.

Yes I know your freezing.  It is February  and the snow is falling this weekend especially in the North East area.   Here in South West Florida it is 80 degrees by noon.   We are blessed in the winter months.  That is why we have so many visitors to our beautiful state. 
Keep those crafts and projects going...


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Decorating Update Rustic Shabby Chic Rags to Wreath and Aqua

So here it is 2015 and my first project is completed... Going to dance a bit for that!  I must say that since trying my hand at tearing up strips of linen and making things with it.  It is one of my favorite looks and things to do.  I have in the last few months made trims for my lamps and now a small wreath.   What isn't to love.  Whites...  a bit of  homemade rag roses, with a bit of bling.. Now,
you got yourself the perfect accessory for any home.

Here is my small wreath it goes so well with my new Rustic Shabby Chic look...  Come on in..
 I will show you what I have pulled together so far.

                                          My completed Shabby rag torn wreath with roses

                      Mixing a bit of blue Aqua to my beige brown and white walls pulling it all together.
               Adding a personal touch to the walls.  My husband and My initials are the same...

                                  A new project with the same idea I made for my lampshades
                                                       Grapevine wreath. 99cents at Craft Store
                                                       Now Where to put it? Maybe Here?
                                                                     Maybe Here?
 Mean While,  here are some more items that help bring in the Aqua for the Rustic Shabby Chic look.

                             Thanks for stopping by..  I hope you like it and Happy New Year 2015
I went to a party or two:

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Projects over the years to Love~

Happy New Year!   A few of the projects over the past that I loved making and still use today. Graphics provided by: I hope this next year, I will make wonderful items to use and love too.    Thank you all for stopping by!

Hugs, Cindy

Friday, December 19, 2014

Slogan Pillow to make

Do Not Squander Time for that is what Life is Made of!

A Slogan from the Gone With The Wind Movie written on the a stone at the beginning of the movie.  I have loved this slogan ever since reading it.  

There are a lot of pillows out there with slogans on them.  I would love this slogan on a pillow so that is what I tried to do.  My pillow did not turn out exactly how I wanted as some errors were made.  I worked around those errors.    The D you see on the top became an asterick! The Squander said Suander so I had to squeeze the Q.. it became Character instead of errors.   A new pillow in the future with better stencils will be made but for now these will do. 

These are like a prototype.

 These were made with Ink and Stamps then filled in with Permanent marker.   The pillow with the clock saying " The Time Now"... It is still in the works.   

I party with Chic on a Shoestring Decor

 Hope you Enjoyed!

Hugs,  Cindy