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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Cemetery Grave Cradles for my Brother

 The cradles when made at the florist are very expensive but you can make you own for a lot less  this one is for Spring

Fourth of July


Christmas and Valentines


Bed side table storage pocket

Looking for a perfect pocket storage for beside my bed.  I decided to hang something to store my tablet, phone and misc. electronics for out of the way of the nite table but close by.  I also have a nebulizer that makes the tubing and plugs a mess.   Ending up making this side pocket  and bought some no mess hooks for the side.

It was made using muslin and batten burg lace napkins a quick sewing together it has three pockets and holds my items close to my bed at night for storage.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

What to do with metalic CD disks?

Making lemonade out of lemons.  I have an ugly oak tree hardly any leaves as we have been going though a very bad drought.  You can see how brown our grass is.   I have had these metallic CD disks laying around for awhile and have had old mirrors that I decided to tie to the ugly tree and make something interesting and fun to look at. 
Why not tie your CD disks to a tree and watch them blow in the wind.  This is a simple just tie fishing line to the Cd's and tie them on to the tree.   If you Pinterest these CD designs some of the designs are very detailed and fun.   Go ahead see what you can do!

Ugly tree, fishing line, shiny metallic disk!

Watch them dance in the wind!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

DIY Bling Bathroom Mirror

Hello Peeps, vintage finds at a thrift store. Their  the best. I still need to paint around the fixture but couldn't wait to show how great it looks. + I also bought a mirror that I had planned on painting, taking down the current plain mirror that was mounted to the wall.  But, decided to see what I could do with the current mirror.

As you can see the mirror is pretty plain normal bathroom mirror.. 

I purchased some holiday bling ribbon same as in the wedding isle that sat around the house waiting for the right project.  I then hot glued it on the sides of the mirror.  Cutting it down the center for the top and bottom of the mirror.
I then purchased  some different small mirrors six beveled other not beveled.  I started to hot glue them on in a pattern and so this is the result.   I am very happy with the bling style of it and when I change my mind about how the mirror should look it isn't permanent.   Until then my Hollywood mirror. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Yard Sale Shabby Chic Finds

I have such a hard time passing up a mirror at yard sales.  This one opens or could be used for decoration closed as it  has those doors that have a design on the front.
The brown rack beside the mirror holds the drawers see below.

Old Sewing machine boxes I will probably paint and use for shelves.

A table with a drawer that I will use for a small desk.  Perfect for this small room. White paint coming!

A decorative Screen goes on the wall .. Upside down in this picture.  Not sure what to do with this yet.

My New Thrift store day bed with trundle bed under with brand new mattresses.
I just love thrifting and crafting for my home.  I do not craft unless I can use it due to my house is small and their are just so many walls.   The Lamp I painted pink and placed on a rag roll for texture.  It is getting there.  I made some of the pillows on the daybed.  


Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Good Morning to the blog world how fast time is flying by.  Already the end of January in this new year of 2016.   Well over the months I have come across a few finds I would like to share with you  and a few simple projects.
Any box right for you with your favorite fabric, chalk paint, and hot glue gun

chalk paint over cardboard cut from top of box

Fabric covering the box with hot glue

Final project for my Laundry room ..   
Fun find Chandelier
Cardboard wrapped with white contact paper then with lace

Rosette added to the above in the center with some bling.

Behind my rounded window to keep the Florida Sun out..